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Jul 23, 2014 07:19 AM

Food/Coffee deal via Paypal - $5 off at 25 cafes in Toronto to July 31, 2014

I haven't posted a food related deal in a while but this is a great promo from Paypal. Here is a link to the details on RFD where I read about it:

Direct link to info:

I did their promo during Burger Week and it was quiet effortless. You can get a promo code for each location.

Enjoy and discuss the best coffee/treats here :)

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  1. I, too, have taken advantage of the paypal pp.
    Note that there are actually tons of restaurants participating in the $5-off special, if you allow the app locator to track you.
    I was at Hello Meatball couple weeks ago. No hassle, easy to use.

    1. I went to Le Neuf Cafe last night by Clarence Square. Nice little spot, I will likely go back for a meal or coffee another day. I was chocked that the Chocolate Eclair was $6! I should have asked how much before hand. It was just okay but not worth $6 in my books. The Pain au Chocolat was good though (at $3).