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Jul 23, 2014 02:44 AM

Denver Airport, where would you eat?

We have a 3.5 hour layover, and I'm sure we'll be starving despite the free peanuts on Southwest. We're linking up with United, I have no idea which terminals these two are in.

I saw a recommendation for Elways steakhouse on another post, but I was thinking Mexican? Wolfgang Puck, but I don't know, we're coming from NY so pizza wouldn't be a thrill. Either way, something to hold us over to dinner in Wyoming, with drinks to match ;-)

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  1. For airport dining, Elway's is darn good.

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    1. re: sal_acid

      Thanks, I'm putting it on my list then. Especially as I don't see the Hungry Moose coming up on any's been awhile since last trip to the Yellowstone area.

      1. re: coll

        Do you mean the Mangy Moose in Jackson Hole?

        1. re: BlueOx

          Thank you so much!! I remember the meal for the delicious baked potato as much as the great steak. We're staying over by Cody this time though, guests of BIL; at least now I can reminisce with him using the correct name ;-)

    2. Check out the outpost of Root Down at DIA. Not Mexican-- more on the "farm-to-table" end of the spectrum. They don't have a menu posted online for the airport restaurant but I believe the offerings are very similar to what is on the main restaurant menu.

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      1. re: skinnyfish

        Thanks for the info, I did see that recommended elsewhere. It sounded Jamaican to me!

        1. re: skinnyfish

          I just had a great meal at Root Down DIA about a month ago. It's not Jamaican at all. I had an awesome cocktail and lamb sliders. The menu changes pretty often so that's likely why it's not posted.

          PS yes it's in the Southwest Terminal. I ate there due to a very delayed flight.

          1. re: juliejulez

            Thanks, it was just their name that threw me off! I have a wild imagination.

            1. re: coll

              Jah Rastafari! ;) I can see where the name Root Down can conjure this Jamaican thing.

        2. A new restaurant just opened at Denver International called Root Down. I haven't been to the version at DIA, but it is a version of a restaurant we have in town and Root Down in the city is a lovely local place. It is very Denver and the food is solid. I think it is in the Southwest Terminal. Elways is in the United Terminal and it is solid too though less interesting than Root Down.

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          1. re: EBeater

            Both have perfect locations as far as we're concerned. Since our time is not unlimited, it will be convenient to see which is the least crowded, as these two names keep coming up.

          2. I also had a very enjoyable meal at Root Down. Similar but smaller menu as their place in Denver Highlands.

            On another trip I had a large delicious salad at the bar at Elway's.

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            1. re: jwwgonedy

              Those two names keep coming up so I guess I know where I'll be dining, one of the two. Thanks!

            2. Elways was over the top great, even though we didn't go crazy because we were waiting for my sister's family so we just got something light just in case they showed in time. Which unfortunately they didn't.

              All we had were steak tacos and a blackened mahi mahi sandwich. Both out of this world (not to mention the oversized Martinis!) The waiter was so helpful: I couldn't find my cell phone and he had the hostess call us. When I praised the tortillas, he told me the factory was near his house, and while he couldn't remember the name he said the package was teal and pink. Which I remember reading here too! I told my sister to stop there on her way home, as we were travelling separately, and am awaiting her review.

              Coming home was another story, no Root Down: we had to change airlines and only had two hours. Back and forth on the shuttle train, the security check was insane, but we just managed to make the plane. We ended up with Chipotle take out in Balto on our next stop, better than nothing I guess.