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Jul 22, 2014 10:53 PM

Any place for XLB (soup dumplings) north of Boston?

Just came back from Vancouver and kids tried their 1st soup dumpling and loved them. Of course, I am not expecting Boston to be anything like Van, but is there a place I can go north of Boston. I know most of regular spots in Chinatown. We live in Andover.

So far by search I have found Szechuan Dumpling in Arlington and a place in Lexington. From online menu, I don't think Szechuan Garden in Woburn carries XLB.


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  1. China Star Dim Sum in Lowell- has had many good reviews and i think i read that they have them. Just fyi, they are usually called 'small steamed pork buns' for some strange reason. Dumpling House in Camb. has them. Other CHs will know many more places.

    1. The best i have had are at Asian Gourmet in Concord MA. (it is just off rt2 next to paparazzi).. They are called "mini juicy pork buns" and have a ton of soup in them. I have had them at China Star Dim Sum and while i LOVE the dimsum there, the "soup" dumplings had 0 liquid in them.

      1. I love the mini juicy dumplings at Szechuan Dumpling in Arlington. I often go there and just order those dumplings.