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Jul 22, 2014 09:47 PM

Seattle and Bellevue with Kids

We are spending a few days in Seattle with two adults and two kids (5 and 3).

We have a good bunch of meals planned out based on our sightseeing but need advice for a couple.

The 1st night we get in we are staying in Bellevue Marriott near the Microsoft campus. We are looking for dinner in this area since we'll be driving from Olympic NP that day and don't want to mess with going to the city.

The other days we are staying at Marriott near South Lake Union. It seems like we'll be in the South Lake Union area for one lunch and one dinner (we have a car). We were thinking Serious Biscuit for a lunch and Wurst Place for a dinner. We also thought of picking up Kedai Mekan for dinner. Any other suggestions?

One day we will be doing dinner in the Fremont/Ballard area. We liked the idea of Skillet Diner (is this good?) since there's it's in close vicinity of the Locks and a bunch of ice cream shops.

Any choices near Pike Place Market or on the way to the ferry for lunch? We are debating about eating at Marination Mai Kai at Alki Beach.

Also what is the best coffee place walking distance from the hotel?

On a side note, places with a great local beer list are a bonus.


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  1. Keep an eye on Kedai Makan's Facebook page to find out the daily special. When I first visited a few months ago (twice in one week... that good!), I think they had a braised pork belly on a weeknight and some pork ribs on a weekend evening. Both were divine, and the portions are shareable for two. The nasi goreng and roti canai are also a must!

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      Thanks for the tip. I've been craving Indonesian food since my local place closed down and I never crave it enough to brave the Los Angeles traffic at dinner time.

    2. Assuming you are referring to the Redmond Marriott Town Center? If so, what type(s) of food do you prefer, and are you ok w/ driving 10-15 minutes?

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        Residence Inn off the 520 & 148th Ave NE. The address says Bellevue but it's referred to as Redmond in some instances. We are willing to drive 10-15 minutes with no problem.

        We love all sorts of food and will be craving anything that doesn't resemble camping food. We like all types of ethnic cuisine but we have an abundance of Japanese and Korean places at home. My kids like everything as long as there are less spicy options. Pizza is not high on the list either.

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          You'll be not far from Dough Zone, which is Chinese--good dumplings, noodles, and they make it in the window, which could be fun for the kids. It's shanghai-ese for the most part, so tons of non spicy options.

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            Have not been, but Malay Satay Hut is close to your hotel. Might satisfy your Indonesian craving.

            Bai Tong (Thai) is excellent, and less than a 2 minute drive.

            Caspian (Persian)
            Mayuri (Indian)

            Din Tai Fung (Taiwanese) is a solid choice, located in downtown Bellevue, about a 10 minute drive.

            Downtown Kirkland has some good options as well. Trellis is good, as is Hanuman (Thai). Sirena Gelato is excellent. Your kids will enjoy the waterfront area.

            Off-topic, but there are tons of amazing parks in the area. North Rose Hill Woodlands Park Playground, in Kirkland, is a must. Wilburton Park (Bellevue) is also great.