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Jul 22, 2014 09:45 PM

Good Side dish for shrimp cakes

I am making shrimp cakes in a week or so for dinner and I want to get some opinions about good side dishes for shrimp cakes?

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  1. Shrimp cakes w/ crispy frites, baked potato & accompaniments, rice pilaf or a saffron rice w/ frozen & thawed peas, over creamy grits, fresh corn risotto or my favorite, slow skillet cooked diced potatoes & onions, cooked until falling apart. Perfect w/seafood!

    For a non starch side: a marinated vegetable slaw, sauteed seasonal vegetable blend or garlic sauteed green beans.

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    1. re: Cherylptw

      Thank you for the suggestion, I have been enjoying making different fish cakes lately and I don't want the same side every time!

      1. re: Janrut

        I love shrimp cakes; I'm from the south and potatoes are the starch of choice in these parts. I vote for potatoes & onions!! Enjoy your meal!

    2. I like pepper hash with something like a shrimp/crab cake. Might be a regions thing?? Sort of a slaw. Finely shredded cabbage and bell peppers (I prefer red). The "dressing" is vinegar, salt, sugar and maybe 1-2 other things. I like to add finely shredded carrots. It keeps a good long time in fridge... basically a pickle when done... nice cool (no pun intended) side dish for fried seafood.

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        Thanks for the suggestion, I'm looking to jazz up my side dish repertoire, much appreciated!