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Jul 22, 2014 09:08 PM

Belcampo Meat (Russian Hill, San Francisco)

After visiting the first location in Larkspur (, I've been keeping an eye on the progress of the San Francisco branch. Located across the street from the Jug Shop, it opened last month. I stopped by two weeks ago to check it out and see if it might have started serving lunch, and the signs for the new lunch service were up. The space is long and narrow and feels smaller to me both in square footage and meat counter display space than Larkspur's. I'd intended to just buy something cold to reheat later for lunch. But San Francisco does not have the prepped food items (e.g., porchetta) or grab-and-go soups (e.g., pozole) that Larkspur does.

Has anyone had a meal here yet?

Belcampo Meat
1998 Polk St
San Francisco, CA
(415) 660-5573

P.S. The weekend brunch menu includes biscuits & gravy, July's Dish of the Month.

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  1. Haven't had a meal, but I must admit, as one who regularly shops Prather Ranch, Marin Sun Farms and Olivier's meats, the prices at the meat counter gave me quite the case of sticker shock. Saw no need to return, especially in light of some labor action going on outside. Any idea what that was about?

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    1. re: little big al

      Thanks for the price check. I buy beef so rarely, I don't have a sense of ranges. You've mentioned the prime competitors. Belcampo's beef is a wagyu-angus cross. The vertical integration doesn't seem to have brought prices down at the consumer level.

      A quick web search didn't shed any light on a labor dispute. Let us know if you spot anything.

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        There was a piece in the Chron last week about how Carpenters Local 22 has been protesting nonunion construction at various restaurants:

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          Yeah I don't buy much red meat, but I'm hooked on Olivier's, his cuts seem a little different than most, the quality it great and about the same prices as Whole Foods (and he's around the corner from Mr. & Mrs. Misc.). I picked up a pack of hot dogs from Belcampo ($12 for 6 iirc) that were awesome, pretty dense and true beefy flavor (my boss picked up a pack as well and thought they were too salty).

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            Stopped at the light a few mornings ago, I saw this sign going up outside that said, Hurts Workers, Hurts Family, Hurts Community. But no more info than that.

          2. I have not dined there yet only because last i checked they still did not have a liquor license. However i did get some bacon burger ground beef and it was DELISH, tho their bacon is VERY fatty and little meat, so the burgers shrank significantly. the flavour was incredible.

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            1. re: smatbrat

              btw their restaurant burger is not the bacon burger ground beef (they said their menu burger was just "trim" and no particular grind mix)

            2. Tried the pork chop ($26). It was reasonably juicy and flavorful but not as much as say a Kurobuta chop or porchetta. Best part of the meal was the dessert (alfajores). No air conditioning so it was quite warm inside.

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              1. re: barleywino

                realized the alfajores they served are just those you can buy in a package in the Ferry building

              2. I checked out the Palo Alto location today. Located in the Town and Country Village on Embarcadero/ El Camino, next to the Indian place and near TJ's. It is a small shop with most of the space dedicated to the meat counter and a menu that offers sandwiches and sides. They also have a wide selection of raw meat.

                Looks like they are in expansion mode with branches popping up everywhere.

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                1. re: ckshen

                  Thanks, still wondering if any Bay Area 'hounds are as impressed by Belcampo's cheeseburger as the LA 'hounds are.

                  1. re: ckshen

                    Anya Fernald said their slaughterhouse has the capacity to supply eight stores.