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Jul 22, 2014 09:03 PM

What Fiestaware pieces do you use the most?

Hi all, I'm new here! I will be completing my wedding registry soon and plan on registering for Fiesta. I'm curious what pieces you use most often, aside from plates and place settings. I've got my eye on things such as the small bread tray, oval baker, individual casserole dish, etc.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. The round dinner plates and the Fiesta flatware. Small bread tray, Java Mug, Multicolor Serving Utensil Set, Spoon Rest, round Salt and Pepper shaker Set.

    1. I wish for more serving bowls.

      ETA - I would not register for the Fiesta spatula/cooking utensil set. My husband got it for me for Christmas and two of the three handles have mysteriously melted.

      I have two serving utensil sets. One has the solid colored handles and the other is solid stainless with enameled inlays in the handles. I prefer the second set.

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          Those are so perfect! I am going off to order some now. Thanks!

      1. I've used Fiesta for 30 years for daily use. Tough stuff, good choice. The only companion pieces in Fiesta other than place settings were the large jumbo mugs, small dessert dishes, big oval platters and round salt and pepper shaker.

        1. I use the 8" serving bowl every day for my salad. I use the mugs every day for coffee. I use two 64-oz. pitchers constantly for iced tea. I'm single, and I mostly cook one thing at a time for myself, so I use the 19 oz. medium bowl and the 9" luncheon plate next most frequently.

          I only use the dinner plates when I have company. I never use the so-called salad plate that comes with the 4-piece placesetting. The teacup/saucer combo is also too small for me.

          Consequently, I have:

          - 4 dinner plates
          - 4 large bowls (40 oz.)
          - 16 medium bowls (19 oz.)
          - 4 small bowls (14-1/4 oz.)
          - 8 mugs (ring handle, 10-1/4 oz.)
          - 4 jumbo/chili bowls (18 oz.)
          - 16 luncheon plates (9")
          - 1 extra large bowl (64 oz.) good to make a big salad in
          - 2 pitchers (need 2 to prevent running out of iced tea)

          I prefer to have four different colors (blues and greens) rather than everything in one color. I prefer color relationships to color monotony. But four is the most my brain can handle. Any more than that is cacophony. A friend has every color, and it looks like someone spilled a bag of M&Ms when he sets his table.

          There is a new bowl called the bistro bowl. I would probably have chosen it over the large and extra large bowls if it had been available at the time. Also, there's now a mug with larger handles, called the java mug. I might have chosen it instead of the ring handled mugs, which get especially hot when I drink tea.

          Have you checked out the Fiesta website? Here's the page for bowls.

          1. Made a MAJOR Fiesta-ware score at a yard sale a few summers ago. Mostly jewel tones with a few pastels. Dinner plates, salad/sandwich plates, soup/cereal bowls. and mugs... and 6 extra soup/cereals bowl. Plus a few extras... all for $50... NO chips or cracks a VERY minimal scratches that you have to LOOK to even see.

            Extras included a dark blue/purple (indigo, maybe?) gravy boat and saucer and a lime green creamer/sugar on a little tray. Don't think I've even used them once?!?

            Found a medium sized oval platter (anther YS find - $2?) that does get some use.

            Have an 8pc set of flatware (minus 2 pieces)... not crazy about them but still just a few dollars. Handles are an off-white, hunter green, and a dark red. There's a little button that screws them on and scared one will come off and end up in garbage disposal. Would like the flatware that has sorta rainbow colored inlays.