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Jul 22, 2014 08:46 PM

Recs for Chinese mid afternoon lunch tomorrow near the 10

i need to be in Claremont by 5:30pmish and was hoping to hit Sea Harbour for a meal but they close at 2pm and reopen at 5pm which is cutting it close. Id love thick noodles, not overly spicy and was gonna try Malan but Hacienda Hts seemed daunting to find since i cant waste time driving lost...any thoughts?

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  1. Flavor Garden
    Exit New on the 10fwy

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      FG is one of my faves and the beef noodle soup is very good but i wouldn't describe their noodles as thick like omar, or heavy noodling II (JTYH). kam hong (i liked the tomato with egg noodles) used to be good but seems to have gone downhill. plus i got tired of the owner trying to get me to order more stuff. omar is closed from 3-5 but HNII is open all day for the car ears or other noodle dishes (lamb with cumin would be a good choice). plus their dumpling skins have the same finesse as their noodles, thick & chewy.

      1. re: barryc

        JTYH is indeed all that, but it's a bit off the beaten path (i.e. far from the 10-Fwy exit) for the OP.

        1. re: J.L.

          granted it's not *that* close to an exit, but it's on valley. get off at rosemead, get back on at baldwin. total travelling time on surface streets probably 15 minutes max. the extra 5 minutes is worth it.

          around the same total travelling time, the shaved noodles at liang's kitchen on atlantic, or shaanxi gourmet on valley between san gabriel & walnut grove.

          1. re: barryc

            JTYH is not very good these days.

            In that same vein, if you want to hug the 10fwy going east, might as well head to Shaanxi (exit Walnut Grove), both the knife cut and hand pulled are better than what you're going to get at JTYH.

            Grungy, sure, but you don't really go to a SGV noodle shop for silverware and linen. Just look past the nose-picking and toenail clipping servers, and keep your eyes focused on the big bowl of noodles.

            1. re: ipsedixit

              i added shaanxi as a edit before i saw your post. the cold sesame noodle for only $3 a bowl might be a good choice.

        2. re: barryc

          Flavor Garden is closed on Wednesdays according to their Facebook page:

      2. Check out Lucky Noodle King - they stay open from lunch right through close of business at night after dinner.

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        1. re: Servorg

          lucky noodle king looks great but for health reasons no longer can eat really "hot" food...the menu here seems mostly schechuan...any non spicy options?

          flavor garden looked excellent...are they openstraight thru lunch and dinner? i coulldnt find their web site...thanks for the good looking recs, Ipse and Servorg!

          1. re: lapizzamaven

            I think if you look at this post by bulavinaka your concerns about the spice level may be alleviated.

        2. Tasty Garden, Monterey Park, off Atlantic in Atlantic Times Square?

          Scratch that. Didn't see you wanted thick noodles in your OP so...yeah

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          1. re: thewongmann

            Looks like im gonna have to make a last minute decision here ...thanks all for the options!