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Jul 22, 2014 07:05 PM

Frankfurt and Munich suggestions

I'm headed to frankfurt for two days and munich for three. I'll be staying near the train station. I'm looking for any suggestions for local lunch or dinner restaurants with quality food but easily accessible with public transit. I'd like to be able to pay less than 10EUR for lunch and less than 20EUR for dinner. Are there any popular restaurant review websites like yelp in the US for restaurants in germany?

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  1. There's a German yelp (
    Pretty much everything is accessible by public transportation...

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    1. re: Behemoth

      Thanks, are there any places you recommend within approx 10min walk of the HBF (in frankfurt and munich)?. Looking for fast cheap places.

      1. re: lmbgm

        I can only speak to Munich. Around the HbF, fast cheap food and within 10 minutes walk... I would probably go for Uyghur: Taklamakan on Bayerstr. 27.

        There are lots of Turkish places around there as well, probably all pretty good.

        For good German you'd need to go a little further, maybe one of the Augustiners at Hackerbr├╝ckestr. or Kaufingerstr.

    2. BTW, any particular reasons you are limited to 10 minutes by foot around the train station? (If you want to judge distances on a map, it's usually a 10 minute walk between U-Bahn stations.)

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      1. re: Behemoth

        I've found some places around town already, ofcourse if you have any suggestions, I'm happy to hear them.

        I was just wondering if there were any good quick places near the station (and my hotel)

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          Well, the Uyghur place certainly fits the criteria. There's also a branch of Taco Libre at the Bahnhofplatz across from Elisenhof. If you have a little more time and budget Geisel's Vinothek is extremely nice, especially for lunch when it's not so crowded.