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Jul 22, 2014 07:01 PM

Trip to Berkeley from DC

Looking for advice on the best places to stop along our relocation journey leaving Mid August
Tentative Plan 10-14 days
1. Alexandria, Va to Cleveland
2. Cleveland to Chicago via 80 w
3. Chicago to Sioux Falls via 90 w
4. Sioux Falls to Mount Rushmore via 90 w
5. Mt Rushmore to Yellowstone via 90 w and 14 w
6. Yellowstone to Jackson Hole via 191 s
7. Jackson Hole to Salt Lake City via 15 s
8. Salt Lake to Lake Tahoe via 80 w
9. Tahoe to Berkeley via 80 w

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  1. None of those places except 80 from Dixon west are discussed on this board.

    1. Just did the drive from SLC to Berkeley a few weeks ago. A few good meals along the way. Stopped for lunch at a Mexican eatery (Salt Flats Cafe) just before Wendover at the eastern edge of the Bonneville Salt Flats. Take Exit 4 toward Bonneville Speedway. It is shortly on the right behind a Sinclair gas station. Interesting memorabilia on the walls about the various drivers and their cars breaking records on the salt flats.

      In Elko, we enjoyed a hearty family style Basque dinner in the Star Hotel (not an actual hotel). Near Truckee we stopped by PJ's Bar and Grill. It's part of a golf resort in a nice setting.

      None of those would be considered gourmet eateries by Berkeley or Alexandria standards, but their characters reflect the localities.

      1. If you are taking 80 then I assume you will be coming through Reno rather than Tahoe (50). If so I can recommend an easy stop off the freeway in Colfax (about 45 min east of Sacramento) called Dine N Dash. It is much better than it sounds. Local flare with pretty good food, large portions, and very reasonable prices (Flat Iron Steak with fries, fresh sauteed veggies and a salad for $18).

        If you find yourself in Sacramento at lunchtime during the week, then Jamie's Bar & Grill is quite good albeit packed. Smoked Prime Rib is their signature dish. It's a couple of miles out of the way on 99 however, but again easy freeway access, and IMO worth it.

        1. Happy Apple Kitchen in Grass Valley on your last leg has great pies and fruit shakes. I always stop in when in the area.

          Sacramento has a lot of good eats, actually, but by then you'll be closing in on your target and may not really want to stop.

          Enjoy your trip! And welcome to the Bay Area, we look forward to you joining our board.