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Jul 22, 2014 06:58 PM

Trip leg - Cleveland to Chicago

Looking for advice on the best places to stop along our relocation journey leaving Mid August
Tentative Plan 10-14 days
1. Alexandria, Va to Cleveland

2. Cleveland to Chicago via 80 w

3. Chicago to Sioux Falls via 90 w
4. Sioux Falls to Mount Rushmore via 90 w
5. Mt Rushmore to Yellowstone via 90 w and 14 w
6. Yellowstone to Jackson Hole via 191 s
7. Jackson Hole to Salt Lake City via 15 s
8. Salt Lake to Lake Tahoe via 80 w
9. Tahoe to Berkeley via 80 w

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  1. Cleveland to Chicago is about 350 miles. If you want to break the trip up, here are three recommendations in the Toledo area, right along the way. All are right near Exit 59 (US-20 / Reynolds Road) on the Ohio Turnpike (I-80). From the exit, go south to the first light, which is Dussel Drive, and turn right. There are two excellent restaurants on Dussel Drive: Bangkok Kitchen for excellent Thai food , and Mancy's Bluewater Grille for excellent seafood Mancy's is on the north side of Dussel; Bangkok Kitchen is on the south side of Dussel, somewhat inconspicuous in a strip mall just east of a Wendy's. The third recommendation is the Tandoor in Toledo, which has very good Indian food. From that same exit from I-80 (Exit 59, US-20 / Reynolds Road), turn north onto Reynolds Road and it's about a half mile from the exit, on the right.

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      nsxtasy you left out one of the great places in Toledo. Klinger's favorite place, Tony Packo's. They have the best spicy mustard relish anywhere, bring me some on the way ;-)

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        They're not as close to the Turnpike. Besides, would you get hot dogs in Toledo if you were about to stop in Chicago? :)

    2. Thanks for the recommendations. I have not decided where to stay or eat in Chicago for a couple days. I was hoping for that kind of feedback. This would be my first visit there except for layovers at the airport. Also I am headed from Chicago to Mt Rushmore and only picked Sioux Falls to split up the drive. Open to suggestions.

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        Russmck, the mods frown on non-food-related travel advice, so I will try to answer your question within those confines. The highest concentration of good restaurants in the Chicago area are in the downtown area, especially in "River North" and the "West Loop." (Search this site with those terms and you will pull up many.) For easy access to those restaurants, a downtown hotel would be most convenient, but that will entail a daily parking charge of upwards of $30 (and, depending upon when you will be here, hotel rates can be high if your visit coincides with a major convention or tradeshow).

        As to restaurant suggestions, I would encourage you to read existing posts on this Board to get a sense of the broad range of food available. I am linking here a recent post relating to a 1st time visitor that may give you some ideas,
        But your interests or budget may be different so if the suggestions in this post don't appeal to you, don't be discouraged.

        Beyond that, it would be easier to advise you if you gave us a bit more detail. For example, if after doing some research on hotels, you decide to stay in the suburbs or outskirts, let us know and we can provide some insights into restaurants in that area. And, tell us more of what you are looking for -- particular ethnic or genres of cuisine, bars & clubs, delis, bakeries, price ranges??

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          And here's a link to another thread with lots of suggestions for neighborhood joints, "street food," etc.: