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Jul 22, 2014 06:39 PM

need help in Pittsburgh !

I am looking for top spots in Pittsburgh with chefs who use high quality fresh local ingredients hopefully somewhat creatively that is open on SUNDAY. Seems everything is closed on Sundays!!!

We'd like something farm-to-table. Since we're coming from New York, we also don't want a chain or a branch of a NY restaurant. Does not have to be formal 5 star white tablecloth fine French (some of those are OK, too) - just really great food

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  1. cure or spoon

    Cure chef, justin severino was nominated for a james beard award. Brian from Spoon has had a lot of local recognition and awards as well.

    you can't go wrong with either one. Enjoy!

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    1. re: yammers

      Agree with these and would add Meat & Potatoes (brunch or dinner), Grit & Grace (dinner) and Bar Marco (brunch).

      No NYC branches in the Burgh and most CHers won't recommend chains. Our local food scene is small but mighty!

    2. Cure. I think you will be very happy. Do some research, Justin Severino is one of the hottest up and coming chefs in the US.

      Meat and Potatoes it's brother restaurant Butcher and the Rye or Grit and Grace would also be good choices and in downtown.

      1. Another recommendation for Spoon.

        1. No worries about formal French in the burgh. There are none.

          Spoon,Soba,Legume are all good eating.

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          1. re: sal_acid

            That's 'cause our French keep on running the bakers out of town

          2. Paris 66's dinner menu got a rave in this week's City Paper. I've never been for dinner, but I've never raved about the crepes or the lunch menu. Their food is good, but I've never had anything I thought was great. I would like to try the trout meuniere now, though. Or maybe the blanquette de veau.


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            1. re: Jay F

              I ate dinner there a couple years ago and it was a disaster from beginning to end. So they've served dinner for at least a few years contrary to the review.

              That review smells of publicist. Are the reviewers trustworthy?

              1. re: sal_acid

                City Paper's a "free paper".
                You get what you pay for.
                (that said, I ought to admit some bias
                as I know a good friend who did a bit of work
                for that rag).