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Jul 22, 2014 06:22 PM

Vegetarian lunch near Durham/Chapel Hill

Heading to Merge25 on Friday from Richmond VA around 11 and would like to stop for a (substantial?) lunch en route to Carrboro. I'd love some NC bbq, but my friend is vegetarian. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. The Spotted Dog in Carrboro is veg heaven (veg bbq!) draft beer + they do burgers, fish and across the street at Weaver St Market they sell The Pig's pork bbq..win-win.

    1. If you like Indian food, both Cholanad and Vimala's (sp?) have great vegetarian offerings. Sandwhich is a good lunch spot too. All of these are on Franklin St. in Chapel Hill, very close to Carrboro.

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        +1 for Vimala's. They have lots of veg options, plus the dinner menu always (strangely) has eastern style bbq on the menu alongside all the delicious home made Indian fare.


        Also, its walking distance from The Cat's Cradle.

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          I love Vimala's too, veggie heaven + bbq for you. Cholanad has fab South Indian food veg and meat. Would kill for a dosa right now...

      2. I like Rory's idea though you would want to heat the BBQ. Otherwise go to two different places, one to meet friends needs and the other to meet your needs and get the Que fresh.

        1. Despite being a que joint, The Pig on Weaver Dairy in Chapel Hill has several vegetarian options. My vegetarian daughter loves their sprouts 'n shrooms.

          1. You should go to The Pig in Chapel Hill. You can get their bbq-- or their house-made pastrami and brisket are awesome-- and your friend can get their "pick 3" plate of veg sides. They make the best fried green tomatoes I've ever had! Ask for some remoulade sauce on the side to dip them into. The sauteed brussel sprouts and mushrooms is also a must-have. The "pick 3" plate is a bargain for $8.25.

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              it depends on how sensitive the friend is, bbq places usually are meat-fests and it might/might not put the person off to actually go there. If they aren't the sensitive type then they also have tofu and tempeh etc....

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                This is totally what I was thinking. As someone who doesn't eat pork the smell of it can really put me off (I know, pork-lovers, I will expect your hate mail soon and I understand).

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                  I'm with you LM, bbq & steakhouses really put me off but go with my dad for his yearly treat. But I wouldn't want to go socially....

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                    Pig has covered outside seating if you want to escape the smell.

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                      Wow, thanks everybody! Looks like I've got some solid options for the whole weekend. Can't wait!