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Jul 22, 2014 05:03 PM


Heading to South Hero for annual vacation next month. What's new in the foodie world that I should check out since last year?

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  1. Hen of the Wood in Burlington. It is spectacular. Just went the other night and had and can recommend: parker house rolls, smoked bluefish, grilled octopus, little gem salad, green beans, mushroom toast with farm egg, chard, panisse frites (all small plates) and the zucchini large plate (kind of a small portion, but still delicious). And the crushed potatoes with tarragon aioli - we had to order a refill, they were so tasty.

    You can make a reservation online but it might be fun to sit at the kitchen bar and observe. I was at a table but with a great view of the kitchen and it was mesmerizing.