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Jul 22, 2014 02:18 PM

Ramen/Udon restaurants open on Sunday nights in Tokyo?

Anyone have any recommendations for Ramen/Udon restaurants open on Sunday nights in Tokyo?

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  1. Most of the good ramen shops recommended here recently are open, although often not open very late. Afuri, Warito, Gonokami-seisakujo, etc.

    1. On Sundays it is a hit or miss. Best bet is to find something on these boards that is also located in a large department store. Those usually stay open as long as the store it's in (usually 7pm or 8pm).

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      1. re: Sushi Otaku

        Not really, no. I'd estimate that the overlap of ramen shops recommended in this forum and ramen shops located inside large department stores is zero.

        Also, restaurants in Tokyo department stores don't stay open until 7 or 8pm, they typically close at 10 or 11pm. (Some very early ones may close at 9pm, and the tiny places located in a depa-chika rather than on a restaurant floor will close at the same time as the store. Although offhand I can't think of any ramen shops in a depachika, or any large department stores that close as early as 7pm.)

        1. re: Sushi Otaku

          I didn't name those shops at random, I've been to all of them on a Sunday evening.

        2. Tokyo Ramen Street seem to be open until 10-1130pm (do check the last order timing) as per this website and my weak Japanese..

          That should be easy to find and of above average quality.

          1. Most of the Ichiran ramen shops are open either 24hrs or til 6am.