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Looking for the Best Northern NJ Cheese Shops

Ideally in or around Essex, Bergen, Union counties

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  1. I'm not familiar with any specific shops in those counties, but have you checked out the cheese selection at Whole Foods? It's pretty extensive.

    1. yeah, i think in NJ, your best bets are Whole foods or Fairway market in Paramus.

      1. Outside of the counties you listed, but C'est Cheese in Morristown or Murray's in NYC (and they ship!)

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          C'est Cheese is closing August 25, 2014 unless they find a buyer.


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            That's what I heard as well. The original C'est Cheese was opened by my parents, Paul and Elizabeth Blades, back in 1980-81. We were strictly a gourmet cheese store, meats pates and freshly baked bread. My dad made gift baskets to order. It was sold to the current owners in '87. Sad to see it leave South Street.

        2. Fiore's deli in Hoboken has always been known for their mozzarella.

          1. There is a wonderful small cheese shop in downtown Summit across from the train station.
            My experiences at Whole Food have been disappointing.
            The Valley Shepherd has a stand in the Montclair Farmers' Market. They have wonderful sheep and goat cheese. You can buy cheese at their farm in Long Valley. They have an outlet in Brooklyn. Go to their website for details. http://valleyshepherd.com/

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              The place in Summit used to be another outpost of C'est Cheese, but I thought I had heard that one closed...? Do you know for sure that it's still open?

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                It is an old line real cheese store that I have patronized for decades. I don't recall it ever being associated with any other store. It was certainly there a few months ago.

            2. If you don't mind NYC, there is a wonderful cheese shop called Ideal Cheese shop in Midtown east NYC...people are wonderful and not as hectic as Murray's. They literally force you to sample everything in generous portion.

              1. The Wine Library on Morris Ave. in Springfield has a very impressive cheese selection and the cheese mongers seem very knowledgeable. There are always a dozen or so cheese placed out for tasting, and the cheeses that are not already set out for tasting they will happily cut you a piece of.

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                    Yup, Wine Library has a very good cheese (and gourmet) section. Not bad pricing either.

                  2. Not necessarily best but Jerry's in Englewood has a nice selection of cheeses at great prices. Also some European dairy products as well.

                    1. Trader Joe's has very good everyday cheeses at reasonable prices. They are far better than the supermarkets but they don't have all the variety one finds in a real cheese store. They often feature unusual cheese as specials outside of their traditional offerings. I have had good results with these. .

                      1. depending upon whether you say "taylor ham" or "pork roll" the Cheese Cave in Red Bank counts as northern nj :)

                        1. Have you been to the Summit Cheese Shop? It's at the station plaza in Summit. My experience is that if you're serious about cheese, this is a better and more interesting destination than the supermarkets.

                          While they're a bit farther afield, Bobolink Dairy, Valley Shepherd and Cherry Grove Farm are all world-class cheese makers here in the Garden State. While you're down there, visit Palmer Square in Princeton - a place that's rapidly becoming a serious gastronomic spot. Try Olsen's Fine Foods for great cheese, the Bent Spoon for gelato, and Rojo's Roastery for micro-roasted coffee.

                          1. Is Corrado's Market a good place to buy cheese? I've never been there, but I saw the Giudices shopping there in an episode of Real Housewives of NJ, and it looked like a nice place to shop, regardless of what one may feel about the Giudices.


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                              Jay, the original post said "best" and Corrado's isn't where you go for high-end artisanship. However, it's a great place to buy in bulk or look for supermarket favorites at an (often) better price.

                              It is hard to imagine the Bravo housewives at the Summit Cheese Shop or Bobolink Dairy, but Corrado's, with aisles of interesting stuff and an old school Italian/American combined with new immigrant vibe is a great location.

                              When big media wants to talk New Jersey cheese, the first stop is almost always Bobolink and I don't blame them. Superb product, a beautiful spot, and an articulate farmer/cheesemaker make for a perfect cheese day.

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                                Thank you, Brian. It looked so good on TV.

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                                  While Corrado's doesn't have a huge selection of high-end artisan cheeses, they do have some good stuff reasonably priced. The homemade mozzarella is very good. Also keep in mind that the suburban locations are very different from the Clifton compound. The Wayne store is far superior to Clifton. It's my main food store these days.

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                                    Jay, for Real Housewife style Italian/American cooking, Corrado's is the best there is. For high-end artisan cheese, you might want to choose a fine boutique-style shop or even better - a visit to a real dairy farm.

                              2. Another one not in north NJ, if you're at the beach Bay Head has a nice cheese shop.



                                1. in Bergen county, Maywood Market in Maywood has a very large selection of different cheeses, both imported and domestic .

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                                    I love Maywood Market, but you can't taste any of the cheeses and you have to be careful, some of the wrapped cheese are a little old.

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                                      I agree. I love Maywood Market, but I find their cheeses to be among the weaker offerings of the store (although their parmigiano reggiano is decent and usually real cheap). For high-end, there's Market Basket in Franklin Lakes or Fairway.

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                                        double0, you can sample many of the cheeses at lunch time as well as on the weekends. they have them cubed up in containers you can use toothpicks to try different ones (not every single variety of cheese is offered, but there are many different ones to sample) and yes, as with any place, always check the sell by dates. especially here. they recently renovated/expanded the whole back area (cheese / deli section).

                                    2. Garys Wine Market has a good selection of cheeses, at least at the Wayne location. I suspect the others as well.

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                                          Is this an actual cheese shop, or just a online mail-order company that happens to be based in NJ?

                                          1. re: creamfinger

                                            Both!! Beautiful spot to visit, too! Oh, and their bread is also yummy...

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                                                Sounds nice. do you recommend the visit with children?

                                                1. re: Monica

                                                  Monica it would be a great learning experience to take the kids on the farm tour and the store....


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                                                    Monica, If you are looking for a great place to bring the kids while getting some excellent artisan cheese hit up Valley Shepherd creamery (used to be known as (Long)Valley Creamery) http://valleyshepherd.com/
                                                    They have wonderful tours, especially during lambing season each spring. They also have booths at many local farmers markets, so you can get their products locally rather than drive all the way out to Long Valley. (Although I love the scenic drive!)

                                                    Also Kings Supermarkets has a good selection of cheeses, (I know there are several located near you in Bergen Co)

                                                    I have to agree with the other posters, both C'est Cheese in Morristown and Summit Cheese Shop are in a league of their own when it comes to quality, variety, and vastness of selection.

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                                                      Thanks for the tip. I will visit with my kids soon.
                                                      Looks like they have a good brewery too...which is a plus to eat lunch.