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Jul 22, 2014 12:26 PM

Goode or Danton's for Dinner

Coming for one night (eating brunch at Brennan's the next morning) and are staying at the Wyndham Medical Center. We have a car, but parking can be a bear.

We were thinking of a nice seafood dinner at Danton's, but it looks from the reviews they're very hit and miss. We'd like to stay in the general area of the Museum/Hotel if possible. Is Goode Co. Seafood a good choice or is there some place off my radar?

Keep in mind, we have a Uchi, Pappadeaux, Trulucks, Eddie V's.

Many thanks!

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  1. I've always had good experiences at Goode Company, but I haven't been to Danton's for comparison. The atmosphere is more casual than Truluck's. The menu is less Cajun oriented than Pappadeaux.

    1. I, personally, am not a big Goode Company fan. To me, more miss than hit.

      On the Danton's side, I personally have not had a bad experience, but I am such a huge fan of their crab au gratin.

      1. Is there a better place in that area?

        1. No question Danton's IMO. It's one of our favorite spots in town and is close to the med center. There's not a lot in the med center proper.

          1. Love Danton's! Great food and service. Never had a bad dish there.