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Jul 22, 2014 12:01 PM

Johnny Rad's Pizza Kitchen

Anyone eaten here? Have a review?

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  1. Good pizza, parking is a bear.

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    1. re: Warthog

      true. last time I tried to go... i think it was tuesday night after 9.... i could not find a spot & had to leave. Chicken Rico carry out was a good consolation meal.

    2. It's OK - pizza is more American than Neapolitan, Interior is dark & basically a bar with skateboard theme. If you're a pizza hound and in the area, worth diverting but not worth a special trip. Better high-end pizza in the area at Verde.

      1. It's probably in the top 10 pizzas in Baltimore. Not as good as Iggie's or Matthew's, maybe a little below Verde as fellspt says. There's some other stuff on the menu and I had a good sandwich there. And the beer list is great, it's a pretty good bar on its own.

        1. I love Johnny Rad's. It is my favorite pizza in baltimore. Fries and beer & a pie. That what i always get there & I always leave happy.*

          *this is very rare