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Jul 22, 2014 10:20 AM

Chelsea Market recommendations

Will be there for lunch tomorrow (weekday) ... No sushi, but open to most everything else. No more than $30pp - before alcohol/tip. Recommendations appreciated.

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  1. Los Tacos No. 1, takeout steamed lobster from the back of Chelsea Market, Dicksons, Num Pang... and many more. Get takeout and eat on the High Line.

    Did you do a search?

    1. Adobada Tacos at Los Tacos #1
      Pastrami Sandwich at Dickson's
      Peppercorn Catfish at Num Pang
      Uni Tagliatelle at Cull and Pistol
      Lobster at Cull and Pistol (roll) or Lobster Place
      Mighty Mushroom Roll at Beyond Sushi (super healthy but surprisingly tasty)
      Nocciola delle Langhe at L'Arte del Gelato
      Chocolate Chip Cookie with Caramel at Liddabit
      Chirashi Bowl at Lobster Place (For anyone else interested -Still best chirashi I've had in NYC)

      While googling I found this ;)

      1. And buy some caramels at Liddabit to take home.

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          Wow what a place! Hectic and full of so many options. Got the caramels. Tried some spices and teas. And had the lobster ... omg! And then walked it off to Billy's for a cupcake. As always, input appreciated:)

        2. the affogato at Ronnybrook. it's not on the menu, but they'll make it for you.