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Jul 22, 2014 07:33 AM

Kale in Barcelona?

I'm new to Barcelona and have an abiding kale addiction. I have done some searching already, but haven't come across any type of kale at all! Does anyone have any suggestions for farmer's markets or grocery stores that might have kale or other dark leafy greens not commonly found in Barcelona?

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  1. My favorite dark leafy greens in Spain are grelos (turnip greens) and nabizas (also turnip greens, but in their earlier, more tender incarnation). Also cardo, a sort of thistle stem. They are available in the fall and winter. Berzas are somewhat like collard greens, borrajas are borrage, acelgas are chard.

    Produce in Spain is highly seasonal and local, so you have to keep looking. Other greens that are more salad material are canĂ³nigos (mache), berros (watercress), rĂºcula (arugula), cogollos (romaine hearts)...

    1. I'm sure I saw kale in Veritas. It's an organic supermarket and there are a couple of shops around Barcelona (

      1. BioEspacio sometimes has. (mostly in autumn)

        Also Tereza Carles Restaurant grew their own Kale plantation this year and is now selling kale in their new restaurant Flax&Kale.