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Jul 21, 2014 09:36 PM

Master Chef 7/21 (SPOILERS)

I didn't see that outcome at all, they are going for the drama absolutely no question

I am actually rooting for Leslie at this point :) he seems like a nice guy

and it's early but I predict "Scottish" Francis (Frances?) will win

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  1. All of the dishes in the final round looked absolutely horrible.

    I liked when Aram said "I dont even know how to open the bottle" haha yeah right.

    Also when the judge asked why the guy put sauce underneath his shitty pizza and the response was "I wanted to make sure I had colour on my plate" lol!

    1. I was impressed Cutter didn't lose his cool. It seemed like the judges were really trying to goad him into a fight many times during both the cooking and the judging.

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      1. re: Firegoat

        Cutter: the mystery box is big, everything is bigger in TX, I'm from TX, therefore, I must have an advantage.

        Cutter: I'd order my yeast-less "Artisan" pizza....

        Cutter: did not acknowledge that he's in the bottom two.

        Courtney: I need to win so I don't have to go back to being a pole dancer.

        1. re: Worldwide Diner

          If I recall correctly he did raise his hand for the worst dish. When they kept pressing that only 2 not 3 he finally put it down.

      2. Gordon Ramsey leans in, close, closer, and whispers - "You have to believe in yourself. I'm worried about you. Just stay calm. You can do this okay?"

        Leans back, screams "THIS IS CRAP!"

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        1. re: NonnieMuss

          ANnnnnd wasnt that Dr. Who music playing????I was having this weird vision as Gordon as the Doctor " Hold on Elise you believe in yourself....."

        2. "And I'll be EATING it." Damn near choked on my wine...

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          1. re: amysuehere

            Wasted opportunity in that segment where Graham cooks the salmon dish; just a few quick edit cuts shown. They did something similar with him last season, I think, but we saw a lot more - interesting contrast with the contestants. Economy of motion, neat/clean bench, constantly tasting, even had a little home base set up for his chef's knife with the tip resting on a folded towel.

            1. re: jimonyc

              Yeah, totally redundant.

              They should have had Gordon and Graham demonstrate first and then let them cook.

              Or they should have done what Tom Colicchio did on Top Chef: Cook something against the clock and have the cooks either replicate or do something with the same ingredients.

              Nobody, cooks or viewers, got anything out of this demonstration.

          2. Can anyone tell me why Courtney's salmon dish was considered exceptional??? It looked like something I'd do for dinner on a weeknight.

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              1. re: kpaxonite

                DId they show all of the salmon dishes?

                1. re: Maryld

                  I dont think so

                  I dont think they are giving as much time to each dish as they have in the past...