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Jul 21, 2014 08:22 PM

Where to eat in LA on a long weekend

Open to any and all recommendations on the best places to visit during our five day trip! We will be staying in Long Beach but going to LA most days. (Preferably nothing extremely expensive)

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  1. To kick start this discussion off I'll suggest that you read through this thread to cherry pick ideas that appeal to you. Is there any type of food that makes your taste buds sing more sweetly than another? Are you coming from a city/region where you get good ___________ (fill in the blank) so aren't necessarily looking for that same food here in L.A.? Finally, what does "extremely expensive" mean to you in a per person format?

    1. What part(s) of LA specifically? And how long will be in the area on those days? (b/c some places that might get recommended might have somewhat limited operating hrs)

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        "(b/c some places that might get recommended might have somewhat limited operating hrs)"

        All of my recommendations are going to start carrying the following "fine print" disclaimer:

        All restaurants recommended in my posts are provided without warranty as to their opening days, hours, chefs, menus, current locations, traffic, street or freeway access, closures or temporary high speed police pursuits.

        Please do not rely on any facts you may, or may not find on the Internet as those facts may, or may not apply to any restaurant herein recommended.

        Thank you for coming to Chowhound and please enjoy your dining adventures as you carom around Los Angeles like a billiard ball on a frictionless surface in a vacuum.

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          Hmph. ;) I'm thinking about affordable and tasty places like Ricky's or Tacos Puntas Cabras (or even Colori Kitchen).

      2. Best view and most beautiful restaurant in LA : Nobu Malibu. We can all agree on that. Everything else is up for aggressive debate.

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        1. re: Dirtywextraolives

          Is Nobu extremely expensive? (I've never been, so I have no idea)

          Might be helpful if the OP gave us a max amount he/she's willing to spend so that we don't have to guess....

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            And yes, it would be helpful to get more detailed info from the OP, but she hasn't seemed to get around to that yet.....