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Jul 21, 2014 06:20 PM

Not Dim Sum brunch after getting off plane

Not that I have anything against dim sum, but looking for more traditional brunch type place ( sandwiches, eggs, etc.) for first meal off of plane in SFO. Someplace easy to find that has parking. Our check in place is in Point Richmond so car will hopefully pointed in that direction. Thanks for the advice

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  1. It seemed that RL answered that a bit with your other thread.

    Driving to pt richmond is, depending on the day, about an hour and goes through a variety of towns (between south sf, sf, emeryville, berkeley, el cerrito). Would you like to eat sooner, or later, do you really want just straight-up american?

    Brunch places tend to be in neighborhoods. Neighborhoods tend to not at the freeway, and tend to have bad parking. If you're not crowd adverse and you're willing to pay for parking, hit on of the parking lots along the waterfront and go to the ferry building.

    From RL's list, I would send you to The Ramp. It's by the water, not just on an anonymous street, it's near the freeway. Although I don't eat a lot of brunch and when I do it's not straight-up american.

    If it's a saturday or sunday, you might consider Delancy Street or Red's Java. The parking along there is usually freed up and it's beautiful.

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    1. re: bbulkow

      Yes, it will be a Saturday. Thank you, after leaving NY at 3 am, and arriving SF at 9:30 in the morning, and being crammed in a plane seat for 5 hours (if I am lucky) get off plane starving tired and no clue where I am, just want something basic, good, nice, without hassle, so I could start off with a clue - know what I mean?

      BTW how do you access a thread that you posted a while ago without going through 12 pages of posts? I have no clue how to do that on this site. So sorry for the re-post.

      1. re: daisylover

        Red's ain't "nice" but it is a great view and will get you well furnished with good and simple ballast to get to Pt. Richmond, as even Saturday bridge traffic is a bitch-goddess. (I'd go for the simple cheeseburger'n'beer, but then I never got down there in a b'fast mood).

        1. re: hill food

          Red's has parking?

          Might be best not to get off the freeway in SF if there's a Giants day game.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            I have found street parking quite easy to find near Townsend & the waterfront on Saturday and Sunday late morning, even on days when there's a game. Townsend Cafe and Delancy Street both have very American breakfasts, good service and prices. Also really easy on and off the freeway. I also had brunch at Tres Agaves last weekend and it was decent.

            1. re: Glencora

              agreed. good recs. ( Townsend Cafe = Town's End Restaurant & Bakery ☺)

        2. re: daisylover

          If you click your own username it will bring you to a page of posts you made.

          Saturday morning Ferry Plaza Market might be enjoyable, although later in the morning it's pretty crowded. I would recommend parking in the Embarcardero center parking lot and get validation. Or Golden Gate plaza. I would say most areas in SF, Oakland, Berkeley and Richmond it is not a good idea to park on street with visible luggage.

          1. re: twocents

            if parking is such a deal-breaker issue, then just speed past SF and get yourself out.

            1. re: hill food

              will have all of luggage, etc in car, not sure if hubby will want to leave it all in some parking garage or side street to go eat. He is typical NY'er - trusts no one. Hence the parking lot.
              So get yourself out to where, did not want to go into the city at all, was thinking someplace near the airport, maybe even in the airport or airport hotel, not necessarily "chowhound" place, just someplace decent to easily get some food. Will have rest of week for all kind of adventures

              1. re: daisylover

                then stet. but really few places in SF are a worry (I'd worry more about a garage than a lot and lots are few and far between).

                1. re: hill food

                  yup, that's why I was looking for a restaurant rec with a parking lot.

                  1. re: daisylover

                    You just said "parking" not "parking lot". No places in SF have a parking "lot".

                    Given your constraints, hit a diner in millbrea, SouthSF, etc.

                    Here are the places I drive past or see listed on Yelp in that area, none of which I've been to (I hit chinese when going to or from the airport)

                    Jack's San Bruno
                    Country Cottage SSF
                    Millbrea Pancake House
                    Cable Car Cafe
                    Produce Alley
                    Ed's Diner
                    Big Joe's Broiler
                    Millbrea Pancake House

                    (remember, rental car is north of the airport, so Millbrea is going slightly the wrong way, so I've biased north of the airport)

                    What's tasty around there?

                    1. re: bbulkow

                      Some places in SF have parking lots. The Ramp is one of them.

                      1. re: bbulkow

                        Though I haven't been in years, JoAnn's used to serve a good breakfast with really good muffins. I think JoAnn herself might have retired, but it is convenient from SFO.

                        1. re: chocolatetartguy

                          Second that, but once again a long time ago.

                      2. re: hill food

                        I would trust the city building garages, especially Embarcadero plaza, more than I would the open lots, though no place would be risk free.

                        In this case you might just drive to El Camino Real, just west of the airport running north-south. Lots of restaurants, many with parking out in front, surburban style. I don't really eat there, so have no specific recommendations though. Maybe some people can chime in. I see diners, Chinese, Viet, Mexican amongst others.

                        Pickings are thicker heading south, but it's a quick jaunt back to the highway.

                        1. re: twocents

                          Sorry to be confused - el camino real a road or a town?

                          1. re: daisylover

                            Sorry about that. It is the major surface road (CA highway 82) running north-south on the Peninsula, crossing through most of the towns along the way.

            2. Here's a thread for grabbing breakfast near the airport. It includes several diner/coffee shop type places where you can get an American breakfast (eggs, pancakes). You'll be in the suburbs and it shouldn't be too hard to find street parking if there's not a dedicated parking lot.

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                1. re: daisylover

                  A number of those are close to El Camino Real that is mentioned above. El Camino Real means The King's Highway and is an important part of California history.

                  1. re: Melanie Wong

                    nice to see a bit of history tucked in here. hard to imagine now, unless it's been pointed out.

              1. The food options in the airport are pretty good. Depends on which terminal you are arriving at (there are 4, if you tell us the airline you are flying we can probably tell which terminal). The International Terminal has some options that are outside security, so everyone can access them.


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                1. re: pamf

                  Lark Creek is good for breakfast if they're in terminal 2, but they probably don't want to leave their luggage in the pickup area.

                  There's a Lori's Diner pre-security in the International Terminal. I think that's the only American breakfasty place.

                  1. re: Robert Lauriston

                    oh Lori's? wouldn't a vending machine be better?

                    1. re: hill food

                      I think schlepping to the International Terminal would be a bad idea even if there was a better place.

                  2. re: pamf

                    +1 Seriously, just eat at the airport. If there's this much drama to figure out a meal after getting off the plane, you'll be happier.

                  3. It's a little south of the airport so, I suggest this mostly for the food (great, American standard) and parking (street, but easy as it's in a neighborhood by the highway) and not so much for pointing you in a northerly direction... but, how about Nini's for breakfast?

                    Google maps says it's a 7 minute drive south from SFO to Nini's, at 1000 N. Idaho Street, San Mateo.