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Jul 21, 2014 03:08 PM

FSU v. Oklahoma State (dinner recommendations)

Let me start by saying I used to live in Plano many moons ago (late 80s). My wife and I - plus some friends will be out there visiting from Florida late next month. We want to hit the BEST Mexican place Dallas has to offer. I'd love some suggestions. We are staying with a friend who just moved there from Los Angeles.

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  1. IMHO, the best regional Mexican and Tex-Mex in Dallas.
    In order of my personal preference.......
    1. Mesa
    2. Mr. Mesero
    3. Meso Maya
    4. Casa Milagro
    5. Campuzano

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    1. re: twinwillow

      Second Mesa. It's a great little place, and not far from Bishop Arts, a good neighborhood to explore before or after (chocolate, pie, shopping, etc.).

      1. re: twinwillow

        twin - I haven't been to Campuzano yet even though it's close to my home. What is good there? Yelp reviews seem mixed.

        I'd have to add Komali to the list. They also have excellent cocktails.

        1. re: Webra1

          Second Komali.

          At a recent lunch visit to Campuzano, I enjoyed their cheese and onion enchiladas and excellent hot sauces. The green sauce was particularly good. I've eaten there only once but right away thought them to be a "cut above" the usual Tex-Mex.

        2. re: twinwillow

          I totally agree on Mesa. True Mexican Vera Cruz style Mexican food. Not Tex-Mex. Cant' beat it with a stick. Never had a bad dish there and several have been spectacularly good, most notably the civiche.

          I know others have like Komali, but my one experience there was so-so at best. I'll have to try it again, but we weren't impressed. A shame. It's within walking distance, too.

          1. re: Mike C. Miller

            Mike, we must live very close to each other. Komali is just around the corner from my condo.

            1. re: Mike C. Miller

              I'd say my experiences at Komali have been better than so-so, but still, not spectacular. Mesa has been much more impressive--and the ceviche is great.

          2. Thank you very much - we have Thursday to Sunday morning. We will definitely hit Mesa. We are also going to Lockhart's in Bishop Arts. Can't wait.

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            1. re: Tangerine7

              There's a Lockhart satellite in Plano now as well.

              OH and let me say it now...

              GO SEMINOLES!!!!!

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