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Jul 21, 2014 01:49 PM

What's for Dinner #314 - Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon Edition [Through July 26, 2014]

Stretched out on a beach towel, shopping on a sunny street in town - the enjoyment of what's been a pretty nice summer continues. What's cooking and going on the plates in your house?

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  1. Moving this post from the previous thread.

    After another meat and white carb heavy weekend (lox and bagels is still such a treat and makes such a great breakfast) in Chicago - pizza, hot dogs, a surprisingly decent and reasonably priced lunch at the American Girl store, and a chain dinner with the family at the Claim Company (where my 6 yo niece devoured an entire medium rare sirloin with homemade chips - I'm so proud) - we need veggies tonight.

    Going to grill peppers, squash, onions, mushrooms and eggplant, toss it in some chili garlic paste and serve over brown rice. Scattered with some of the Thai basil from the pot on the deck. I may be able to convince EJ that a G&T is also good "cleanse" food.

    1. As for me, while I'm back at work, I'm still thinking "what am I going to make for dinner?" Something "grillish" is required, I think.

      I picked up a package of bison steaks while at Wegmans a few weeks ago - I think one of those will be grilled tonight when I get home. Simple seasoning with salt and pepper. I'll sauté some mushrooms and add a blup of sherry towards the end for a topping for the steak. A baked potato has baked in the convection oven and get the butter/sour cream/chive treatment. A quick salad of lettuce, carrots, cherry tomatoes, radishes, and some goat cheese, probably with some Maple Balsamic Vinaigrette.

      1. We were supposed to have a fellow contestant of rjbh20's from the first season of The Taste to dinner, but unfortunately the gentleman and his friend were unable to make it at the last minute. I made a large corn salad, and there is left over sirloin and left over high temperature chicken. Leftovers would be my choice for dinner. There was a lovely side of salmon that was going to get hot-smoked, but I'm thinking we should freeze it for a dinner with more than 2 people. We'll see what the man thinks about this. Meanwhile, there is that fabulous Gateau Basque that I made for dessert, still available to be enjoyed as well. I had a little slice -- just to taste, you understand -- and it's fabulous. You can keep all your pound cakes, and I'll take this. Happily! And on another happy note, our son will be home tomorrow, and has already lodged his dinner request, which is wings three ways: Buffalo, Thai, and BBQ. rjbh20 is happy to oblige!

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          As we say on the Trader Joe's thread Yay to your son's coming home an Nay to guests who cancel at the last minute. Leftovers at your place is probably not too shabby!

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            Your Leftovers sound just great; I wouldn't quibble. Now, here @ Alib-(cough) Quality-Control Central (excuse me) we've got you covered: your first taste was necessary quality control. Let anyone argue with that! :)

            Tonight (and any successive nights presuming your son doesn't devour it all, leaving nothing to taste) it's about looking at this new dessert's keeping quality. Case closed.

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              Ahhh, safe travels to the hardy traveler! Wings will be a great welcome home. Enjoy that first hug, roxlet. :-)

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                so glad you'll have your boy back with you for a while, i can't imagine how happy a home-coming that will be. enjoy! and we'd love to hear how he enjoyed his culinary adventures!

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                  We wound up inviting some neighbors for a very enjoyable dinner!

                2. We're going to reprise Sunday's lasagna tonight. I ground the chuck, Deb made the Sauce Bolognese and assembled the beast (it's her recipe). The results were good Sunday night but this is a dish best served the next day. I'll parole something appropriate from the wine jail to complement the meal. Burn Notice: Season Three will be on the plasma. Following recent current events, I'm looking forward to hourly episodes where the good guys overcome great odds and carry the day.

                  1. I never made it the grocery store today and last night clean out the fridge was little too successful, LOL. There is nothing to eat!!

                    Of course in this house there is always something to eat, LOL. I am "making due" with some ground beef that is defrosting in a cold water bath. There are no rolls so they will be as is. I found a sad bag of new potatoes that I had forgotten about so those will be sliced and pan fried with onions and garlic. Veggie will be steamed farm share carrots.