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Jul 21, 2014 01:34 PM

Santorini Greek Cuisine Coming to Lincroft

Just drove by the old Kimchi Sushi in Lincroft and saw a sign in the window saying that Santorini Greek Cuisine is coming soon.

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    1. re: corvette johnny

      I'm amused by the five people who have already rated it 4 or 5 stars before it opens!

      I also am looking forward to the opening... I live only a mile away.

      1. re: drongo

        Mandatory Picture of Santorini - Check
        Mandatory Blue Repeating Border - Check

        This could be good..

        From facebook:
        Opening a new Greek Restaurant in Lincroft, NJ. Former Onwers of Jimmys Greek American Grill

        1. re: drongo

          I actually looked around trying to find reviews you mentioned above. I didn't see any????

          1. re: corvette johnny


            Just people they know clicked the stars on facebook, not actually "reviews"

              1. re: coldsolderjoint

                I find the 4 star review particularly hilarious.

                1. re: joonjoon

                  yeah I just checked it out....funny stuff.

                  I hope this place has some tasty olives and bread...one thing Nikkos has going for it.

            1. re: drongo

              Santorini Grill -Greek Cuisine-We will be opening September. We got our stars from our loyal customers. We had a greek Restaurant in spotswood,sold it. And our customers are following us. It will be worth the wait. We will be serving lunch and dinner. BYOB and will have live entertainment. Probably on the weekends. hours 11:00-10:00 7 days a week

                1. re: vathis

                  Will there be a menu available online?

            2. At least it's not another Italian/Sushi joint. I miss Kimchi Sushi though.

              For those who haven't been, Queso next door is excellent. But you need a degree to learn how to order off their menu.

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              1. re: joonjoon

                Mangos in Sayreville has the same system. Before we went to Queso yesterday, I looked at the menu on-line and figured out what I wanted ahead of time.

                It seems like the menu is designed to let people end up with an expensive item without realizing it.

              2. Drove by as they were putting up their sign...

                1. We lucked our way into what they were still calling their Grand Opening tonight. They seemed to have a lot of reservations and the live entertainment was setting up.
                  It turns out they have been soft opening for almost two weeks now. The owner/front of house person is a lovely and charming lady. She and her chef husband are from Greece and they used to run a small place in Spotswood.
                  The wait staff managed to be both pushy and inattentive. Water glasses remained unfilled until the owner herself brought us a pitcher while no fewer than five busboys lounged around. The music was mellow but made the room too loud for conversation. Still people tried and the volume rose with their yelling.
                  Still I was hoping to love the food as I eagerly tucked into my Avgolemono soup. At first I didn't like it, but I realized I was unfairly comparing it to the amazing version I always have at Niko's, and it grew on me as I finished it. I liked the complimentary char grilled pita and less garlicky tzatziki sauce even more.
                  For mains we tried the lamb stew and the gyro platter with greek potatoes. The generous chopped greek salad that came with the stew was very good if more than a tad peppery. The stew itself was a disappointment as I loved the flavors but the meat was dry. The gyro platter looked great but there was no more of that fine tzatziki sauce and it took just this side of forever to get some.
                  So we left thinking mixed thoughts. $55 with tip is not bad for dinner and a show and it was still more fun than not, but the service and the dry lamb left a bad taste. I think I will be back in a few months when they work out the kinks and maybe get some salad, soup, and gyro to go when I pass through Lincroft.

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                  1. re: seal

                    Hopefully they can get some kinks worked out. Sounds like there is some potential.

                    So just pita? No comp bread or olives? I really like the nikkos bread and olives

                  2. Guess I'll have to grab a menu to scan, they've got nothing online.

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                    1. re: equal_Mark

                      They tell me they are still tweaking their website, but until then here is a scan of their current takeout menu:


                      1. re: equal_Mark

                        The owner posted a new thread the other day but I can't find it. I think they removed it. I wish this place allowed owners/managers to post on here and keep people informed.

                        1. re: corvette johnny

                          I thought now there was a new policy that did just that?