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Jul 21, 2014 01:17 PM

Fusia - General Teos Chicken

I ended up leaving a package of frozen Fusia - General Teo's Chicken beside the freezer in the basement overnight. Of course my first instinct was to dump it but ended up freezing it anyway.

My question is this type of product is supposed to be cooked from frozen; but how dangerous could this this type of product be. It comes from who knows where and who says this product at some point by whoever has allow this product to thaw by mistake for a short time.

This is purely hypothetical but this could happen and I would think the product would contain some kind of preservative to prevent this from maybe hurting someone. Would this product from an overnight thaw be dangerous to eat if cooked correctly?

I find this interesting as so much now comes frozen, Thanks everyone.

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  1. " I would think the product would contain some kind of preservative to prevent this from maybe hurting someone"
    I think you would be wrong.
    If the food was a Frozen Product it would be expected to stay that way. There is no extra precautions taken for the chance of the Product being mishandled.

    1. Yes, the product is frozen and is cooked from frozen. What if it is accidentally thawed and re-frozen?
      Do you dump the product, in this case chicken!
      or is it safe to cook after being re-frozen? I am assuming to cook the chicken to the required safe temperature etc.
      Any suggestions please.

      1. am I to understand restaurant takeout? only you or your interloper know the care it received after it left their hands.

        probably safe but not ideal. chances are the reheated flesh will be fibrous and the breading (General Teo's? what is this an Asian/Central American thing?) squishy or on the verge of evacuating.

        1. Thawing and refreezing is not a safe practice.

          1. I think it depends how long you have thaw it. Because you are talking about frozen package ready-to-go meals, they are usually sealed air tight. It does help the food to keep just a little longer. In addition, these meats are usually partially or fully cooked.

            I certainly won't treat it like canned food, but you may be safe if it was only thawed for a few hours.