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Jul 21, 2014 12:51 PM

Good Restaurant near Metro Center Marriott?

I have friend coming into town and staying at the Metro Center Marriott. We'd like to go someplace fun with good food and atmosphere within walking distance. I know Zatinya is nearby and I like it there, but I thought I might try something new. Any suggestions? She's not a vegetarian, but doesn't eat a huge amount of meat.

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  1. There are many choices in that area, depending on what your walking distance is. I've only been to Bibiana for lunch at the bar, but based on that I would definitely recommend it. I haven't been to Ceiba in a while but I liked it. Rasika is excellent if you consider it walking distance. I like the pizzas and the Ahi Tuna salad at Matchbox.

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    1. You might also try Cure Bar & Bistro in the Grand Hyatt (11th & H). It has a nice tapas -type lunch where you can choose 3-5 items for roughly $15-20 or so. Not sure about dinner items. But lunch was filling even though at first it looked like very small proportions.

      Ceiba's good ... I went there last summer during restaurant week.

      Also good so I've heard though never tried is DC Coast (14th & K)

      1. Jaleo, Oyamel, Cuba Libre, Alba Osteria (a little farther at 4th and I NW), City Tap House, Nopa. Coco Sala for Cocolate themed.