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Jul 21, 2014 12:47 PM

Bogus Bad Beef Report?

Seems fishy to me. Sounds like they're probably comparing per animal, and not per pound.

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  1. The second paragraph indicates it is per calorie. It also said domestic production has seen a decrease in greenhouse gases. That said, I'm not switching or cutting back any time soon.

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    1. re: mike0989

      Thanks, don't know how I missed the calorie thing. The numbers still seem suspect to me.

      1. re: pikawicca

        "Nutrition scientists Marion Nestle at New York University and Malden Nesheim at Cornell University said the study makes sense, was done carefully and is important."

        What surprises me is ' pork, poultry, dairy and eggs all had comparable environmental footprints, so close there were no statistically significant differences among them,'

        I've long suspected (and/or read) that larger, longer lived animals required more resources to feed and raise.

        The abstract
        (I was able to download the full pdf)

        1. re: paulj

          The knock on cattle, (and it's mentioned briefly in the study), has always been their digestive system. I've seen seen several reports over the years complaining about cow farts and cow burps and how they destroying the environment.

          The resources needed to bring a larger animal to market weight is another interesting area. Many studies suggest the popularity of veal in Europe has to do with the lack of pasture area to raise cattle to market weight. Calves (veal) don't pose this problem as they are not put on grass.

    2. The private jet one of the most well known global warming advocates flies all over the world on creates more greenhouse gases in one day than the total weight of steer I and a thousand other people eat in a lifetime, soooo, noooo, I won't be cutting back any time soon.

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      1. re: Tom34

        You "and a thousand other people eat in a lifetime?" I don't think so. There is a value to education, whether or not it requires someone to fly around the world. Facts matter; propaganda, not so much.

        1. re: pikawicca

          I don't know, thats a pretty big jet :-)........My point though is we are wasteful energy gluttons in the US. The most important areas we need to focus on are reducing the weight and horsepower of our vehicles and increasing the overall efficiency of our homes & commercial buildings. When phased in as technology and costs permit, significant improvements in these key areas are both attainable and become cost effective in the long run. Wasting money studying animal farting habits just goes to show how silly things get when extremists are given free reigns.

      2. Another recent paper on the topic, with similar conclusions
        cites both articles.