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Kensington Olympia Recommendations

My spouse and I are moving from the Pacific NW to Kensington Olympia. Any recommendations for nearby restaurants? Looking at prior threads, it looks like Chez Marcelle and Alounak get the most mentions.


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  1. You are lucky - its easy to get out of the area for better options. Search on the surrounding areas and easy to reach tube stops.

    1. As PhilD said, there's not much in Kenisngton Olympia itself, but the nearby areas are well worth exploring.
      In Earl's Court, Addie's Thai Cafe (Thai) and Dragon Palace (Dim Sum) are pretty good. As is 101 Thai Kitchen in Stamford Brook.

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        There is a Japanese nearby in Hammersmith which is reasonably good for London - yelp it, its the one with the most reviews.

      2. Indian Express is a good local Indian. The Cumberland is a half decent gastro pub as is the Havelock. Taiwan Village is a very decent Hunanese. Mohsen and Rose for Persian, Best Mangal for Turkish and Addies for Thai...

        1. For lazy lunchtimes the food court at the top of Wholefoods on the Kensingston high street is good for trendy and ethical variety. Good shop too. Huge.

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            Did you mean ethnic instead of ethical? :-)

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              Assume ethical as its Wholefoods.

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                As PhilD said, I did mean ethical. Although you will also find food from all over the globe.

            2. Karma is a good quality high street type Indian restaurant that also does delivery and takeout.

              There are quite a few places around Kensington High Street (e.g. Kitchen W8) that are good and may be within walking distance. I am a fan of Addie's also... just don't try for delivery on a Fri. or Sat night.

              1. Thank you for the suggestions! This will give us a good start in trying out our local restaurants.

                1. You may want to get a Harden's restaurant guide. That is the first thing we look at when planing a trip. One feature I like is that in the back of the book there are maps showing what restaurant is where, this is by neighborhoods.

                  Last trip over we rented a flat in Kensington we were in a side street about 1-2 blocks from Kensington High St. Not far from the tube and there is an Ottolenghi there on the corner. One evening we were tired and decided to try a little Italian place in the block (sorry I cannot remember the name of the place or the street) I had the best Pasta Carbonera I have ever had. It was just a simple hole-in-the-wall place. Next trip, next spring, I will have to find it again. Got to have their carbonera again. Something I dream of.

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                    Note- that branch of Ottolenghi has closed.

                    It has been replaced by Anges de Sucre, a patisserie, that amongst other things does great coffee (I know the owner so I may be a little biased).

                    The Italian place may be this place on Ken Church St- http://www.romanoskensington.com/

                  2. I agree with Mohsen for Persian, Indian Zing for Indian, Garnier for French, Mai Food for Japanese… I wasn't keen on Chez Marcelle, as PhilD said you can get out of the area easily for other options, the bus network is pretty efficient around the area.