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Jul 21, 2014 12:35 PM

Brother Jimmy's BBQ [White Plains]

A couple weeks ago I was invited to like this page:

It indicates that Brother Jimmy's BBQ will open in the Butterfield 8 location. Today I walked by Butterfield and it was closed and had newspaper on all of the windows. Has anybody heard information about this? All of the requests for info on the facebook page have gone without answer from the page administrator.

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  1. ~sighs~ not one of my fave nyc bbq joints but (in westchester) beggars can't be choosers.Any bbq is welcomed.Wonder if it is by the same owners as bu8?

    1. I was wondering about that as well. Also, a few weeks ago along Mamaroneck Ave, I saw big banners on one of the bar/restaurants (not on the Butterfield side of the road)saying that it was reopening as a gastro pub.

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      1. re: Maryld

        along mamaroneck ave.-should have truth in advertising-more likely to be a gas-o pub!

      2. I went to the Union Square location didn't think it was bad for what it is, The wings were great and the Nacho's were a giant giant portion

        1. Butterfield 8 will become Brother Jimmy's. The Brother Jimmy's owners are involved and it should be done in about a month or so! BBQ, fishbowls, pbr's...I can't wait!

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          1. re: 1Westchesterfoodie

            Thanks, I am excited too. I have had a lot of fun at their NYC locations. Will be a nice change for Mamaroneck ave.