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Jul 21, 2014 12:20 PM

30th Shindig

Need Ideas for a 30th Bday Party - Ideally semi private/private room for about 25-30ppl in Manhattan for open bar/apps on a Sat night in mid Sept. $50-$75pp

No formal sit down meal - causal and fun place with good drinks, music and food

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    1. I tried to delete that thread, I am not sure how, but wanted to take out the Mexican idea so I can get a more variety of responses.

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      1. re: gingerinthecity

        Since it doesn't say "Mexican" in the title I wouldn't worry about it. People will figure out by reading it you're not limiting yourself to Mexican options. I think most 'Hounders tend to read the whole thread before responding, so as not to be redundant with what others have said already.

      2. Doesn't matter anyway, they don't allow you to delete threads haha

        I appreciate your help :)

        1. Cowgirl at 519 Hudson Street could work well for you. There's a semi-private room off the main bar.

          Here's their party menu, with a variety of per person price points and menu/drink options: