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Jul 21, 2014 12:09 PM

Looking for best Dim Sum for a Sunday Brunch in NYCity

Best Dim Sum in the City?

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    1. re: darren425

      +1 I was there recently for the dim sum brunch, Hakkasan serves the best dim sum in NYC.

      Other options include Red Farm/Decoy which does good modern dim sum.

    2. There are a lot of very lengthy informative threads on this in the last year ( I mean lots and with 50 plus postings).

      Anything here, for example:

      I see this is your first post, there is a search function in upper right corner.

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      1. re: thegforceny

        Yes, do look at the threads. There is considerable controversy on this subject (!!), and the right answer depends a lot on what kind of experience you are looking for (and how much you are willing to spend).

        1. If you want the push-cart ladies/dim sum palace experience, then I suggest Jing Fong. Good variety and the food is totally decent. If it is purely food excellence your after, then sure, digest the other threads. (pun intended) :-)

          1. The dim sum in Manhattan is pretty bad. I recommend East Harbor Seafood Palace in Sunset Park.