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Jul 21, 2014 10:09 AM

Houston Restaurant Week (month) is coming Aug 1st.

the menu's are posted on the website. I'm looking forward to trying old and new! How bout U?
Mr Peeples
Vic & Anthony's-been awhile
Tony's "
Brennan's "

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  1. Wait, has seriously nobody commented on this? I totally want a second opinion on the usual yelp shenanigans

    1. I had the lunch $20 HRW special at Churrasco's on Shepherd @ Westheimer (all Churrasco's are not equal). The yummy Churrasco's salad with cilantro dressing and Gambas al Ajillo with fried yucca sticks, jasmine rice and unlimited grilled veggies. It fit my appetite at the time and it was very good. I haven't sought out the HRW menus though.

      1. Can't believe how few replies this thread has garnered.
        So far we've been to:
        Hugo's - wine pairing>cocktail pairing. Squash blossom salad was too salty. Everything else I had from three menus was good.

        L'Olivier (apparently no longer part of HRW due to some drama) - wine pairing was awesome. My duck was perfectly cooked, but I wish it had come with more than just beans. Boyfriend's beef was amazing. Waffle dessert was nothing to write home about.

        How have the places you've gone to been so far?

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          Considering the size of H-town, its diversity and the number of "foodies" that live here, it amazing how little traffic this site receives.. I can't understand it either. i'm heading to 60 degrees Thurs night... Going to try to get to a Brennen's Brunch on Sunday or Caracol.

          1. re: bornie

            I don't eat at many of the finer dining places other than Carrabba's Kirby. There is this, Atlanta just went 25 days without a post, while Boston won't go 25 minutes.