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Jul 21, 2014 09:15 AM

Recent advice on MoCo Farmers Markets

I can't find a recent discussion of this, so I'm asking: What Farmers Markets in Montgomery County have a good selection of produce, including organic? I ventured to the Kentlands Market last Saturday and was sorely disappointed in the options. The only thing I found to be unique was the prices: way high, even compared to the nearby Whole Foods. I don't mind paying more for good, fresh, organic produce, but why are these vendors pricing their produce so high, when there's no overhead or middle man? I'm relatively new to the area, but I found better choices in Boston and, especially, Pittsburgh, where you can walk away with gorgeous tomatoes, delicious scones, and enough flowers to fill every room in the house for less than $20.

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  1. i haven't been to the Kentlands farmers market, so I don't know what to compare it to.

    There's a big farmers market in Bethesda on Sundays, and they have a lot of organic/happy produce. The list of vendors is here:

    Fresh Farm Markets has a market in Silver Spring (and elsewhere in the DC area):

    I tend to go to the Takoma Park market. It's smaller, but closer to me, and there's always plenty of produce.

    A full list of MoCo farmers markets (with links to organizers and vendors etc) is available here:

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      Thanks for the info. My searches were leading nowhere--state links that were defunct. Kentlands had only a couple actual farms, and I got blank looks when I asked about "organic." I'd like to find something closer to Darnestown, but I may have to drive to Bethesda for some selection. I hate spending half the time looking for parking.

    2. In my time shopping around, Rockville has the best prices. I admit, I do not buy too much at their organic sellers, but many are reasonable. (so much so that I drive from silver spring and come out ahead after gas prices). It is off 270 at the jury parking lot in rockville on saturdays. Ask around if they use pesticides, some do not or use minimal ones but are not certified organic.

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        Good call. There's a very small farm at the Rockville market called Query Mill that is not certified organic, but follows the concepts even more strictly than most of the certified farms. Only veggies, though, not fruit.

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          I shopped for years at the Rockville market and was really happy with the choices. I love that it's a Growers Only market, so the vendors must have grown their produce. Some are organic, so you might find what you are looking for.

        2. Before you say "no overhead", remember they had to grow, pick, package & drive the product to the farmer's market. And gas isn't cheap for those panel trucks or vans they drive. So yes, there is a cost with providing the food to you.

          But yes, I went to the Silver Spring market last year and thought the prices were on the high side.

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            I don't know much about farming, and I think they deserve to be fairly compensated for their efforts, but don't they have to do some of that (grow, pick) whether they sell it directly to the consumer or to a third party?