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Jul 21, 2014 08:44 AM

30th Birthday Ideas


Need Ideas for low key 30th Bday Party - Ideally semi private/private room for about 25-30ppl in Manhattan for open bar/apps on a Sat night in mid Sept.

Trying to keep things around $50pp so thinking something like Mexican with Beer/Margaritas.

No formal sit down meal - causal and fun place with good drinks, music and food

  1. Is $50/pp to include drinks, tax, and tip? With tax and tip $50 = about $38 starting price. If drinks are separate, that can cut into that budget quite a bit,

    1. $50 plus tax and tip. I'm flexible on budget but not looking to go above $75pp plus tax and tip.

      Ideally would like to keep party around $2k total.

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      1. re: gingerinthecity

        For Mexican, check with:

        Casa Mezcal
        Dos Caminos

        They all do group dining and might be within budget range - as to prices, of course no one lists packages on their websites because they probably want to try and upsell you on the phone. At a lower end, if none of those work, is El Maguey y la Tuna - cheaper than the above, homestyle Mexican, might have some good unlimited beer / margarita pitcher options.

        If the crowd is willing to go to Brooklyn, and pizza (but really, really good pizza) is something you'd consider, you might want to check out the group dining at Roberta's in Bushwick. It might come v-e-r-y close to the edge of your budget, but they do have unlimited beer options.

        I don't know if they do big groups, but Pig & Khao on the LES could be fun. I know they have a $15 unlimited PBR deal, which is about as cheap for unlimited drinks as you'll find. They also have a backyard if the weather's nice, but I suppose there's no way to predict that this far in advance.

        What about brunch? That would open up the options significantly, and brunches often come with unlimited mimosas or bloody marys built into the deal.

      2. Those are some great suggestions! Thanks!

        I am really open to any kind of bar/type of food - Just thought Mexican because it can be easier to appease all palates and tend to have easier drink specials.

        Was looking at Barcade - but they wont accommodate a party on a Sat night. Bowlmor - waiting for them to get back to me.

        I am trying to keep it light and breezy so no formal sit down meal.

        1. I was making calls not long ago about a group and was surprised at how reasonable a private party at terroir was- they do a buffet along the bar of apps for the duration of the event and would shut the whole place down for you! Email the really helpful contact at the e village location if you're interested

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          1. re: Ttrockwood

            can you maybe define reasonable (or give a general ballpark)?

          2. El Parado 34th and 2nd. Private downstairs room with its own bar. Great apps and you guys will have a blast.