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Jul 21, 2014 08:34 AM

Source for Green Chickpeas?

Had some of these on a great halibut dish at Yew yesterday, and now I must find more. Anyone seen them around anywhere in the lower mainland?

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  1. OT but just a warning. I've never found anything that was harder to peel than these. Finally had to get my husband who has big, strong hands to do them.

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    1. re: c oliver

      Noted, thanks for the heads up :)

    2. I think there was a similar post a few months back. I definately saw frozen ones (peeled) at the Downtown Costco back then, not sure if they still have them or if you're only interested in fresh.

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        1. re: islandgirl

          Gah! I searched, but not for "garbanzo". Thanks for reminding me they have other names. Costco trip coming up.

          1. re: jerkstore

            To remove the shells just soak them overnight in a large container. Then take a hand full at a time and rub in the water. 99.99% of the shells will come off. Now turn on the water so it agitates the beans and use a chinese mesh ladel to skim off the shells which will want to float to the surface.

            Danm spell check isn't working again on this site!