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Jul 21, 2014 08:17 AM

Debuyer mineral b

Hello !
I just got this debuyer mineral b pan , so ive seasoned it and now it looks like this not sure if i did the process right... is it supposed to look like this after a few time use ?
/regards CIH

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  1. Pans made of cast iron or carbon steel develop a polymerized coating of fats over time that help to protect the iron/steel from rust and also serve as a non-stick cooking surface. The development of this coating takes time, and accrues slowly over many cooking sessions.

    Since the coating occurs naturally over time, there won't be a uniform look from pan to pan. In general, it will start to turn darker and darker and become more non-stick as you cook in it more. The coating can flake off if scraped or worn away and it can be degraded by cooking acids in the pan. Many people still cook acidic ingredients in cast iron/carbon steel pans with little degradation of the coating.

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      Thanks for the reply !
      I see,so far ive cooked bacon and eggs potato cubes and some veggies thats about it .

    2. Well, from the look of your photo, your seasoning went very well. It looks very nice.

      Of course, look can be deceiving, so I recommend you to cook a few thing on it to try it out. As long as it works, then it is fine. Like they say, the proof is in the pudding, right?

      I won't try the most difficult foods first. Certain fish can readily stick to cookware, and high sugar bacon as well. On the other hand, vegetables are way too easy. Most vegetables do not stick much anyway.

      I think a piece of steak, a piece of pork chop or an egg can be a good test.

      1. Here is a link to a site showing pictures of a seasoned carbon steel frying pan:

        My Mineral B 8-inch carbon steel pan looks similar to the pictures after a few years of use.

        1. Hi Cookinginhell,

          Your pan is off to a good start, looking perfectly fine. Enjoy! :-)