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Jul 21, 2014 08:16 AM

Pioneer Woman, just asking about beef

I am curious as to why they always seem to purchase the beef they eat, I would think that they would butcher their own beef, does anyone know?

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  1. Breaking down and processing an 800 lb steer is harder than it looks. It's easier to just buy what you need when you need it.
    Just a guess though as to why they don't, but that's why we quit doing our own a long time ago. My family used to raise beef. We did hogs one time, that was enough of that. You CAN do it in the backyard but it's hard if you aren't set up for it with a winch, hooks, saws, table, clean room, and everything else. It's not as easy as deer or poultry.

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    1. posted by Ree Drummond on 6-4-14:
      “We are on the commercial side of cattle ranching, and don't generally raise meat for our own use. We do occasionally use the meat for one of our own animals, but we use so much beef (and specific cuts of steak/roasts) that it isn't always practical to supply our own meat. Plus, we believe in the quality of beef in supermarkets---that's where our beef winds up! In addition, on my blog and on my show, I like to show beef the way it's packaged in stores so it's more clear when folks want to make one of the recipes. (Hope this all makes sense! :))”

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        She gave the right answer as it relates to her and her husband's family business. She gave a similar answer to the same line of questioning a couple of years ago.

        I followed her blog since the beginning and the beef thing bothered me as well. We buy our beef by the half from a local farmer but the difference is, they finish out the cattle right on their farm and there are at least 5 locally owned processors within a 30 minute drive. I don't think Oklahoma ranches are set up for that type of business.

        Also, menu planning and cooking from a whole/half/quarter of a beef requires a level of creativity and skill that is probably above Ree's target market. No matter how you get it processed, about 50% ends up as ground beef, a lot of roasts (some of which still challenge me) and not enough steaks. There simply isn't enough of the cuts most people want. I yearn for more flank steaks and porterhouses.....

        I have enjoyed the challenge of learning to cook most of the animal (I let the butcher keep the heart, tongue, bones) but am getting to the point where I would rather spend more per pound and get the cuts I really want to cook.

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          She's a 'pioneer woman' and "Trust me. I'm a gynaecologist".
          She drives to her 'real home' after a hard day on the set in her SL Roadster.

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            I just put her on recently as background noise. Her use of sugars and butters and oils is putting Paula Deen to shame. Does she ever make a healthy meal for her kids, that don't need all those hefty calories that real hard working ranchers need?