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Jul 21, 2014 07:49 AM

Turning pimento cheese into pimento mac and cheese?

I made a big container of pimento cheese last Sunday night. There is no way the bf and I can eat it all (about 2 cups). Is there a way that I can make mac and cheese with it? It's a mixture of cream cheese, mayo, cheddar, and pimento.


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  1. I think it will be great! I might add some veggies to the mac and cheese to temper the richness a bit. Maybe some sweet peppers, poblanos, roasted cherry tomatoes, corn, spinach, kale, or scallions?

    If you are using vegetables, roast or saute them. Boil the macaroni to al dente and toss the noodles, veg, and pimento cheese in a bowl. Thin with a little milk so the mixture is saucy, not solid. Pour in a baking dish and top with panko or crushed crackers if that's your jam. I usually don't top with anything. Bake until golden on top.

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      Thanks. Usually I make sauce, add spinach, toss with pasta and bake. Just didn't know if I should still make the bechamel and melt in the pimento cheese, melt with a little milk, or just mix it in the hot pasta and bake until melted.

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        I haven't tried this before either, but I wouldn't make the bechamel. The cream cheese plus milk combo will be thick enough and the mayo will keep the sauce smooth.

        I would probably just mix with the hot pasta and trust that any remaining solid cheese will melt in the oven. But I can be a little lazy. :) I think it would probably be better to melt it with milk.

        If you are nervous about this, another idea is to melt some pimento cheese into grits.

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          Yes. You have the sauce right there; it just needs to melt into the pasta, so simply drain the macaroni and stir it and the cheese together, then put it into a baking dish and run it through a 350º oven for about fifteen-twenty minutes. Topping it with slices of Roma tomato would be good too.

          I've never had any problem getting rid of pimento cheese in this house, even if it's just the two of us … and do not believe for one minute those cautions about "Will keep refrigerated for about one week." That is total hooey. One of the reasons it's so popular for picnics in the South is that it can sit out all day without going bad or growing anything, and while it's not quite immortal in the fridge (especially if you've gone and put cream cheese in it) it'll be okay for two weeks if not three. And chances are good that the only deterioration might be a spot of fuzzy mold, which can just be scraped off unless it's the red or orange kind.

          Oh, it makes KILLER grilled cheese sandwiches too!

          1. re: Will Owen

            Now GRILLED CHEESE sounds VERY interesting!! Think I just might make some PC just to try this out!

            1. re: kseiverd

              As many times as I've tried, I can't get into pimento cheese burgers but a pimento grilled cheese sandwich is a true thing of beauty. They are best eaten at a small lunch counter, preferably in a drug store. Squishy white bread is a must.

    2. I saved a recipe for this but I can't find it grr
      but here's a link that might inspire

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        I found the recipe- it was one in this month's COTM and it got several meh ratings so I've decided not to make it. Still would make a pimento cheese mac recipe if it was a Yay.

      2. There's a local Hot Chicken restaurant here that makes it. It's pretty good for a change and they keep it really simple, it's just normal baked mac and cheese with pimento cheese added in to make the sauce.

        1. See Five ways to use Pimento cheese at the bottom of the recipe.

          ... and yes, there is a recipe for mac & cheese.

          1. I think pimento mac and cheese sounds really good. Since your pimento cheese has cream cheese and mayo in it, it should melt smoothly in a little milk. Heat up 1/2 to 3/4 cup of milk until just simmering, add the pimento cheese and stir until it's melted. Add more milk to get the desired consistency. Mix with the pasta and bake, with or without a topping of some kind. I would probably add some grated cheese on top.