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Jul 21, 2014 06:58 AM

Best lunch spots

I'll be downtown for a couple days this week, and am looking for two lunch spots. I love healthy salads and especially fish. Any recommendations for lunch spots? I don't mind casual, but trend toward fancier digs.

(I'm from the 'burbs, so most of my time in Philly is evening dinners.)

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  1. Oyster House and Estia both have good fish. Tria would fit the bill for a good salad.

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      Tria is a good suggestion. The salads are good, and it's a nice, more upscale casual. HipCityVedge gets a lot of good feedback, but it's VERY casual and much more of a take-out option.

    2. Throw in Hip City Vedge for good salad and vegetarian options. I second the Oyster House recommendation, and they are very fast especially if you eat at the counter.

      1. I would maybe give the edge to Estia in this case. They have truly excellent fish, and I love their salads, especially the greek country salad (horiatiki) and the salad with grilled rare tuna. In addition to the regular lunch menu, they have a $30, 3 course prix fixe lunch, or an $18, 2 course "express" lunch.