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Jul 21, 2014 05:12 AM

Early or late options

I am trying to help out a coworker. They are foodies but on a bear budget. I have limited knowledge for them. They are willing to eat late/early at a bar (strip restaurants only) to have some apps and drinks and like the idea of trying a lot of little things. Any suggestions?

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  1. How much are they looking to spend per person?

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    1. re: Eric

      They really didn't say, but I know they are not willing to spend $70pp range. They are not drinkers but will order one drink if the food is good and a deal. Do you have to order drinks (I didn't know the answer when they asked) at HH where food/drinks are served?

      1. re: itryalot

        Really can't give any suggestions without knowing how much they want to spend. Also, what kind of food are they looking for?

        1. re: Eric

          I would say stay under $50 pp. Also, they like Mediterranean and Mexican/south American or traditional American.

    2. All of these are regular hours.
      Lunch special at Milos in the Cosmopolitan is $23 each. Steak special with wine at Charley Palmer Steak in Mandalay Bay is under $50 each.

      1. Three course power lunch at The Palm Steakhouse at the Forum Shops.
        KGB Burgers at Harrahs.
        Mon Ami Gabi at Paris.
        Carniege Deli at Caesars Palace.

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        1. Thanks all; they have a few recs and are good to to. Noted about the "rip off".