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Blueberry Buckle

Recently I went blueberry picking with my family and I got literally 4 lbs of blueberries. With all of them just waiting to be used I made 5 different recipes for my blog at foodfacts.us Anyway here is my husbands favorite Blueberry Buckle.

This year was the first time I tried to make this. In fact I never heard of it until my father mentioned it. I got the recipe from allrecipes.com, my go-to place because it's easy to change the serving size.

I made a double recipe and put it into a 9-13 baking dish and it fit perfectly. My husband likes it because it came out very light and fluffy and it wasn't overly sweet. Here are 2 links for the recipe: from my blog - http://foodfacts.us/?p=108 and from the original source - http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Blueberr...

What did you guys make this blueberry season?

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  1. not quite blueberry season here yet, but this is a go-to for me:


    and it works with pretty much every fruit.

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      I love that bar cookie. It's just the perfect summer treat.
      Her berry bundt cake is also a great way to use blueberries.

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        Totally agree! Although the buckle is my husbands favorite the crumb bar is mine.


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          The ones from NJ are sweet and huge this year but, I still like the smaller Maine variety.

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            Smitten Kitchen's "Blueberry Boy Bait" is pretty good too!
            I've gotten lots of compliments on it (no marriage proposals, alas)...

            1. gosh i haven't made blueberry buckle in years - i wonder if that recipe would work with a non-dairy substitute. I'll have to experiment!

              1. Mom's year-round default "kuchen" was to press a sugar cookie dough into a 10" pie pan. Add fruit of choice, mixed with a blend of sugar, cinnamon, and a little cornstarch. Bake at 350-75F until crust is browned. Most of the year it was apple, but in summer it was blueberry, nectarine, or prune plums. For those, use less cinnamon, and when cool, brush with melted currant or quince jelly. That bit of tartness from the jelly is nice, and it makes the tart prettier, too.

                You can use an oatmeal or nut cookie dough, too.

                1. These bars from SK always get rave reviews, I tend to like them cold

                  made and froze an unbaked blueberry pie.

                  6 pints of Christine Ferbers blueberry jam, just berries, sugar and lemon.

                  Lastly I make this baked oatmeal in small soufflé dishes for breakfast, they freeze very well.

                  1. i adore the buckle recipe from the king arthur flour cookbook. i double the topping recipe and make a streusel ribbon through the middle.

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                      I don't cook much from this book, I am going to have to take a look at this recipe, like the ribbon idea!

                    2. I really like the lemon blueberry buckle from Rustic Fruit Desserts, which adds a nice tang. I think it's a bit heartier than the light-and-fluffy version you describe, but my preference.

                      Recipe paraphrased here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/7952...

                      1. Blueberry and Roasted Corn salad.

                        1. blueberry buckle, blueberry crumb muffins, blueberry bread - but will definitely be trying the smitten kitchen link - thanks

                          1. My favorite thing to do with blueberries is an icebox pie that uses a portion of the berries cooked on the stovetop with sugar and cornstarch until the sauce is thick and glossy, add a pat of butter and fold in additional uncooked berries. Turn into a prepared crust and refrigerate at least 6 hours. Serve with whipped cream!

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                              I've never hear of that. Do you have a recipe link? I would love to try it.

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                                I found this link, to which my recipe adds a scant half teaspoon of cinnamon with the salt, and 1 teaspoon lemon juice with the butter. Enjoy!

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                                I agree, this is great with summer berries! This is the recipe I've used with success. My notes are to sift the cornstarch, add the zest of the lemon as well, and that the vodka pie crust shrinks when baked....it worked for this pie, but if you have another favorite crust I would give that a try.


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                                  Forgot to mention that I use a graham cracker crust with this pie. Don't even bake it. The entire event is oven free!

                              3. This blueberry upside down cake is one of my go-to recipes for blueberries,

                                1. Thanks for the links to all the Awesome Recipes that I never even heard of! I will defiantly be trying them the next time I go blueberry picking!

                                  1. Proustian moment. This was the taste of my childhood summers on the island. Bless you for bringing it all back in a rush: Scent of ocean, cries of gulls, sound of waves lapping at the rocks at the foot of the kitchen stairs - and the cinnamon aroma and taste of a blueberry buckle just coming out of that old oven - you brought it all back. Thank you, thank you.

                                    1. Two things. 1) I add a whole pint of blueberries to a box of Krusteaz Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake. Very very good. 2) Blueberry Sauce: I bring blueberries to a boil with a LITTLE water and some sugar then thicken with cornstarch dissolved in cold water. Eat this hot on waffles, French toast, or pancakes. Blueberry pickin' is thin in the City of Chicago but I did find blueberries for 99 cents a pint and froze as much blueberry sauce as I have room for.