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Jul 21, 2014 04:14 AM

Driving cross country to Berkeley CA in mid August

Looking for advice on the best places to stop along our relocation journey leaving Mid August
Tentative Plan 10-14 days
1. Alexandria, Va to Cleveland
2. Cleveland to Chicago via 80 w
3. Chicago to Sioux Falls via 90 w
4. Sioux Falls to Mount Rushmore via 90 w
5. Mt Rushmore to Yellowstone via 90 w and 14 w
6. Yellowstone to Jackson Hole via 191 s
7. Jackson Hole to Salt Lake City via 15 s
8. Salt Lake to Lake Tahoe via 80 w
9. Tahoe to Berkeley via 80 w

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  1. In Cleveland, stop by the West Side market, an indoor/outdoor city market with tons of vendors. Last time I drove from Alexandria to Chicago, we stopped at the market for food in the morning and ate at a rest stop along 80/90.

    1. You may want to repost these on the various regional boards corresponding to your itinerary -- Great Lakes, Chicago, Great Plains, Mountain States, California. The Baltimore & DC board only covers the first 40 miles or so of your itinerary.

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        I still think there could be a 'Road Trip' board for this, but the posts would probably get ignored without the regional board questions. carry on.