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Lid with hole: OK TO COOK RICE?

I just purchased a 3 quart TFAL non-stick (metal utensil safe) pot with lid to make rice.

I undid the wrapping to only then notice this hole.

When they say cook rice on low for 20 minutes with lid on, will this work?


Rice cooking newbie in Philly!!


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  1. Might work, but I would probably plug the hole with a tiny bit of foil.

    1. It'll be fine. When I cook rice in a pot, I use one that's dented and the lid doesn't fit right. It's got much more of a gap than this pot and it works perfectly. You'll be fine.

      1. it's fine -- I'm cooking rice right this very minute in a pot like that -- one that I've been cooking rice in for something like 7 years now...

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          Thank you everyone, I'll give it a try with just 1 cup of rice.

          Glad to know I didn't goof.

          I really like the pot because it's non-stick but metal utensil safe!

        2. It should be fine. The hole is so small anyway.

          I sometime use a clay pot to make rice. Not only it has a hole on top, the lid does not perfectly seal the pot (unlike yours).


          You are fine.

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                that's up for debate -- if you rinse the rice, you also rinse off the vitamins that are added to the rice.

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                    yes -- white rice is by law (in the US) enriched with B vitamins and iron -- it doesn't completely replace it, but it at least helps to replace some of those nutrients that are stripped out when the husk, bran, and germ are removed to make white rice from brown rice.

                    If you rinse white rice, you rinse off all the vitamins.

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                      maybe you're right, do you have a link, because I'm not seeing it in my pantry. my brown Nishiki label or my white Nishiki med grain rice show no significant vitamins. My other white rice right now is Han kuk mi sushi rice, which shows trace amounts of iron, thiamin and niacin. Are they B's? My arborio risotto rice by della shows no significant vitamin count. All are labeled US products. The Uncle Ben's original, which is a rare guilty childhood pleasure and the only time I add a pat of butter to rice is certainly fortified with calcium iron thiamin niacin and folate.

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                        thiamine and niacin are the B vitamins



                        i'll leave it up to you to chase down the links for the finer details.

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                    Heh. In the tropics, you rinse off the bugs. :D

                    1. re: LMAshton

                      If I were where you are, I'd rinse my rice, too. :)

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                    I never rinse. I couldn't taste the difference between rinsed and unrinsed so I just gave up doing it.

                  4. Do you realize how MUCH cooked rice you'll end up from 1 cup uncooked!?! I like to toast up rice in a little bit of butter/oil till it gets a teeny bit of color, add TWICE the amount of water as rice, slap a lid on it and let go for 15 minutes on LOW. Half a cup uncooked yields 2 VERY GENEROUS portions IMO!

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                      Mike tends to cook large quantities over the weekends so he has stuff to take for lunch, according to past conversations we've had with them.

                    2. Quite honestly, regardless of whether you choose to rinse your rice, I've been cooking rice for many years. I've cooked rice with a number of asian cooks. I have a really nice rice cooker that I rarely use. I cook my rice mostly in a 1 quart pan. Unless I'm making risotto. I bring it to a boil, barely stir, cover and put the heat to low, and leave it alone. A few minutes before the allotted time I'll lift the lid quickly to check moisture and either pull it from the heat and let rest a few minutes or give it another minute or two and let it rest.

                      Again risotto is a whole other thing. Chill your leftover rice and then sauté it and make fried rice.

                      1. A hole like this just keeps the lid from burping when the water is boiling. On a simmer (such as the main cooking time for rice) it makes little difference. The amount of steam lost through it is negligible. This kind of hole is common on well fitting glass lids.

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                          Thanks for that explanation. I'd never seen a lid like this. Sound design choice.

                        2. Yeah, absolutely. Most of my rice cookers have had holes in them to let steam escape. This is no different.

                          1. this thread has me singing the old eric burden/war song

                            lid with hole
                            eat that rice