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Jul 20, 2014 12:13 PM

Finally got resos for Bibou--is it really that great?

I'm just curious. We're taking my daughter there for her birthday (25h). She has a pretty sophisticated palate (and I certainly do not mean that in a snotty way--it's hard to say that I guess without sounding snotty, but seriously.I don't mean it that way). She has learned to appreciate good food as she takes clients out to dine and lives in NYC..add to that, I've always cooked an extensive variation of different dishes..My S.O. is a Frenchman so I'm wondering how he will like Bibou as well. Any feedback will be surely welcomed!

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  1. It's very solid. Very good food with good service. Keep in mind it's a byob, so I'd bring some nice wine with you.

    Not really sure what else I can add except that it's one of only a handful of restaurants my wife & I have been to over the past year since our daughter was born. And we've been four times.

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    1. re: Boognish

      Four times. That's good enough for me! We usually go to Spring Mill Café but this time around we are looking forward to Bibou. Definitely will bring some good wine!! Thanks for your feedback--it is greatly appreciated!

    2. Since opening l have been @ 40 times, they actually keep these statistics for you, last about two weeks ago.
      Since Charlotte and Pierre went to Le Cheri, the sous Ron has taken the kitchen over and has been doing a stellar job.
      While the food is excellent the real charm of the restaurant is the service, you feel like family whether new or old customer. From the minute Yuki greets you to when Hans on another server guides you through the short menu, it will be a delight.
      In fact l met many of our local chowhounders there as l used to reserve a 4 top monthly and offered empty seats on this board.
      This is the place to which you bring the best French bottles in your cellar.

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      1. re: Delucacheesemonger

        Oh man, now I'm really getting excited. I'm looking forward to the pied cochon...along with a great bottle of wine!!

      2. Just wanted to chime in with Bibou really is that great but things have changed in that it used to be one of a few great places, but now it's one great place in a crowded field. When I need a table on short notice, I usually check Bibou first because it's close to my house, but I know there's other places nearby where I won't be disappointed. For example, just for French food there's Will, Townsend, and Good King Tavern a few blocks away.

        Based on your description of your daughter's tastes, I'd probably go to Serpico before Bibou. You might also want to look at Le Cheri for more rustic French food.

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        1. re: agozoic

          I am very curious about your comparison of Bibou and Le Cheri, given that they are owned by the same folks. Do you really find the food that different? Perhaps its how I order but to me from a food stand point they are almost identical restaurants unless you are eating at the bar at Le Cheri.

          1. re: cwdonald

            I did find the food to be different. Admittedly, at Le Cheri I ordered what I wouldn't find at Bibou. I do, however, have two friends who've been to both and they both love Le Cheri and dismiss Bibou, so other people are finding the places to be different as well.

          2. re: agozoic

            I wouldn't call Le Cheri's food rustic, but I'm not going to argue semantics.

            cwdonald, I've been to bibou many times and Le Cheri a handful, and they're both excellent. The food quality isn't different, just the direction/concepts. Look at their respective menus and decide. Also, bibou is BYOB and very much a bistro atmosphere.

            1. re: george2

              I enjoyed my meals at Bibou more than the one time I was at Le Cheri.

              That said I went about a week after opening and the front staff was disorganized and stressed (e.g. No greeting at the door and an argument was voiced for all to hear a while later). Our waitress described our dishes with a lot of 'yeah that's one I like' with no sophistication and an intermittent clearing of the throat.

              Bibou's wait staff was more experienced and refined. Maybe that made me feel the dishes were superior but the difference in foodie taste quotient was about a 90 to 85 Bibou Le Cheri respectively. The latter's dishes were a touch drier and the sauces seemed less creative but maybe that's part of the shtick.

              1. re: dndicicco

                Been to Bibou 40 times and Le Cheri 5 times thus far. Agree with George2 regarding directions/concepts.
                Many staff at Le Cheri came over from Bibou when this spot opened. Granted Hans is not at Le Cheri, but he cannot be at both places.
                While corkage is not free at Le Cheri, it is available as a BYOB as well.

                1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                  That's a STRONG loyalty to the Bibou/Cheri brand! My wife is French, and she really enjoys Bibou. I think they're the only restaurant in Philadelphia that has the Floating Island dessert, which she considers a French standout. :)

                  1. re: dndicicco

                    Am out of country now, will be returning on 8/14 to Bibou. The people l am joining have been there once a week, same res, since Bibou opened.That is a VERY STRONG loyalty.

                    1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                      My only concern with threads like these is that the "hype" is independent of the restaurant itself. Bibou is what it is and hits the bull-eye for some folks who post about it on the internet. A first-timer, even at the same table, may be sorely disappointed because the resto didn't live up to the hype induced expectations.