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Jul 20, 2014 12:02 PM

Home Cooking Dish of the Month (August 2014) Nominations

It's that time again! Nominations for the August Dish of the Month are now open.

The current Dish of the Month is Salad Dressing, you can view the thread here:
All the past dishes of the month are shown here:
You are welcome to contribute to these earlier threads at any time.

Now let's start thinking about August…
Still summer, still lots of produce around, still good outdoor eating weather in many areas. Let's find something we can really sink our teeth into for this month. Remember that a dish is loosely defined as an ingredient and a method of preparation.

Nominations will be open until July 26th at 10pm Pacific time (1 am on July 27th Eastern time, and 5 am July 27 GMT). Please nominate your dish using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. (If you discuss the dish elsewhere in the thread, please type it in lower case. This makes it easier to count the dishes in caps, without counting extra nominations for one person.)

You may nominate more than one dish. And if someone else nominates a dish that you wish to support, just reply to that post, and type the name of the dish in all caps. The dishes with the most nominations will move on to the voting round, where each person only gets one vote. If you haven't joined us before, feel free to jump in!

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    1. re: linguafood

      I'm in on this idea once again. I suspect it might only be a couple dishes in a month for me, but it would be worth it!

        Still liking this idea too, lots of variations.

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        1. re: L.Nightshade

          I think the nomination last month was for GRILLED BURGERS -- method of prep plus ingredient, right? And I actually think it might have been for grilled hamburgers but if we make it grilled burgers it way opens up the possibilities. So I propose GRILLED BURGERS.
          ETA: grilling on the grill pan would totally count.

          1. re: GretchenS

            I like BURGERS of any type. Some of our wonderful chowhounds don't have a grill (and have stated so many times), but can still make a mean burger. So I'm all over this one. And I agree that the meat can be of any variety. Even veggie burgers. There are so many options.

            1. re: boyzoma

              totally works for me, was just trying to stick with the guidelines. :)

          1. re: pikawicca

            I'd like to add on to this: FRESH TOMATO RECIPES SUITABLE FOR FREEZING

            1. re: Berheenia

              Berheenia, last summer we had a bumper crop of tomatoes and no time to preserve. I frozen a lot whole in ziplock bags and it worked beautifully. Take out as many as you need, skins slip off effortlessly, and they defrost quickly. Just a suggestion.

              1. re: herby

                Thanks herby. I just got to that chapter in the book I'm reading called 'The Feast Nearby'. I have a feeling that there are ways to freeze zucchini too and am hoping to put away a lot of both in my new chest freezer! We buy both of these weekly year round- Mr. Berheenia insists- and I'd love to stop buying stuff that came in on a jet plane unless it's citrus or wine from New Zealand. My weakness.

                1. re: Berheenia

                  You are welcome! I have not tried freezing zucchini but there must be a way - hope you'll soon find it.

          2. PAELLA - have to try one more time, such great dish for summer eating and entertaining.

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            1. re: herby

              I am making paella from Casas book, slightly modified to exclude pork (subbing smoked turkey for ham) for company dinner next Sunday - very exited and considering buying a proper pan which I recently saw at Winners at very good price. Wonder if it is still available.

            2. Everyone remember that your "recommend" click does not count as a nomination. You have to write out the dish in all capital letters.

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              1. re: L.Nightshade

                LN, maybe we should start using "recommend" for nominations as well as voting - much easier to count, no?

                1. re: herby

                  I think it's harder in nominations. There's so much more discussion, and dish suggestions that get modified or refined. And I think it encourages more ideas when people keep writing, instead of thinking they are supposed to click on what's already been nominated.