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Jul 20, 2014 12:00 PM

Anything interesting between New London, CT and Worcester on 395?

My husband and I will be driving north from the Cross Sound Ferry Dock in New London CT to our home in Portsmouth, NH on a Sunday night. 395 to 290 to 95N. Would love to find a place to stop for dinner on the way home to break up the trip. We don't want to eat in New that will still leave us a 3 hour drive AFTER dinner. Any suggestions? Thanks! Julia

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  1. Lots of nice spots in Worcester for sure.....cuisine/price preferences?

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      Nothing too formal.. We'd like to be out in an hour or less. We keep an open mind as far as cuisines are concerned... But out favorites would be authentic italian, indian, Farm to table.

    2. Get off the on Shrewsbury St exit (16)in worcester. You find plenty of places to eat

      1. For Italian-Via (Tuscan Italian), Volturno (Neapolitan pizza), Indian - head down to Rt 9 a couple miles down from Shrewsbury st It easy back to get back on 290. Farm to table(Cero Bistro used be that concept but Im not sure it still does)