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Jul 20, 2014 11:21 AM

Very excellent restaurants and bars in and around Salt Lake City?

Hello all! I'll be in Park City for a couple days later this month, and I'm wondering if there's anything I should head to Salt Lake City for. I'm thinking of going to The Garage with my sister, but I'd love more ideas across all genres. I've had a blast at the Copper Onion; I thought Del Mar Al Lago was a great find. Haven't been impressed by too much in PC/Midway/Heber except Tarahumara and Anaya's.

If anyone could point me toward Pacific Islander food I'd be especially grateful! But anything is great!

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  1. My favorite bar in SLC is Lucky 13 which is located at 135 W 1300 S. The patio is fun and their burgers are unique.

    If you want to go full-on dive bar the Busy Bee (2115 S State S) serves up a mean garlic burger.

    Disclaimer: I live in Heber so I'm not well versed in the SLC scene. I'm glad you liked Tarahumara!

    1. My favorite restaurants in SLC are:

      Takashi - Sit at the bar and let the sushi chef choose for you, especially if you avoid rolls and do sashimi & nigiri only.

      Settebello - Excellent neapolitan-style pizza.

      Red Iguana (either one) - PUNTAS DE FILETE A LA NORTE√ĎA. I can't emphasize this enough, especially if you get them to replace 1/2 the mole de almendras with mole amarillo.

      Kobe Japanese Cuisine - This place is all about the ramen, especially the Tonkotsu. I typically add extra char siu and egg. Really good!

      Ho Mei BBQ - Best with several adventurous eaters. Get the 3 bbq meats sampler, a clay pot dish, an offal stir fry, some gai lan, rice... Honestly, I could spend days in here working through the menu. My favorite Chinese restaurant in SLC.

      I don't know a lot of SLC bars, but if you are a craft-brewing aficianado, you should definitely hit the Bayou!