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Jul 20, 2014 10:01 AM

If you're ever looking for good Indian food in Sayre, Oklahoma....or just need a good pit stop off of I40

OK, this tip comes directly from my husband, who is not on Chowhound, and I have not eaten at the place myself ... but OTOH it is about an Indian restaurant, and he is far more the expert on those than I am:-)

Last week found DH on a long work-related road-trip. 4500 miles in a week, with several stops. Seriously. And since most of it was in the South and Texas, my veggie husband found himself craving some of his own (non-fried) comfort food from home (he was born and raised in India).

So when he stopped for gas at a truck stop in Sayre, OK, and noticed a sign in Punjabi, he was of course intrigued. In turns out that the truck repair place at the I40 Truck Stop in Sayre also cooks some good chow, mostly for the many Sikh truckers who apparently travel that road. There is no sign other than the one in Punjabi, and no menu. In fact, you'll be served whatever is on the menu for the day (the menu is limited, and varies depending on available produce and the like). The proprietor does speak English, and will tell you what's available. DH says that it is all freshly made from scratch, and delicious ... He says that any Hounds who are anywhere near there, or just passing through, should check it out. The tiny (seats maybe 15) restaurant is attached to the truck repair place next to the truck stop, so you'll have to seek it out. Look for the sign in Punjabi:-)

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  1. This is great, thanks!